The Season of White Legs

It’s that season…
The one that comes every year when the snow is gone in Minnesota.

The Season of White Legs.

I haven’t gotten around to creating a bucket list yet.
But if I had one, you can bet “tan legs” would be on mine.

Every year I hope…wish…dream…and wonder if a miracle will surprise me and pigment will show up in my legs.
Hasn’t happened in a real long time.

Even when a farmer’s tan appears on my arms and face…
My legs stay white. Pure white.
Not even egg shell white.

White legs are a constant in my life.

This post-snow season I’m choosing to find some comfort in that.

I mean, there are so many irregularities in life, aren’t there?

Health has ups and downs.
Relationships flourish and struggle.
People disappoint and support.
Good things happen and not-so-good things happen.

Sometimes it’s just nice to look for the constants.
The little constants and the bigger than life constants.

And the #1 place to find these constants?

From writers like Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, David, Isaiah, Jeremiah…
These guys knew the constants.
They knew The Constant.
You put their books together and The Word becomes a very good read.
Filled with promises of Constant.

These authors tell us…
The promises we read are ALWAYS promises! Constantly.
God can never be anything different than what He says He is.
He is faithful. Never-changing. Constant.

Lo, I am with you always.
I will never leave you nor forsake you.
I love you with an everlasting love.

Big time Constants.

So, about that small time constant…legs that won’t tan.

With my white legs I’ll never be a model for a “Who wears short shorts?” commercial.
(Talk about a jingle that can give me a bad headache faster than my skin can turn blotchy from
a heat rash.)

But this year?
So I’m going to stop fighting the white leg constant.

My legs deserve to see some sunshine.
They’re going to get the chance.

Shorts will be part of this season’s attire. So will my white legs.

I’m hanging with the constants—and The Constant—during this after-the-snow season.

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  1. Wonderful writing…..your flow of words, from real life to the Lord, our Constant in life, is so beautifully done.

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