Something Wonderful is About to Happen

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen

I’m always surprised when I don’t die when I’m exercising. Especially when it involves burpees. I don’t like burpees, and I don’t believe our bodies were meant to do them. My morning exercise time is only 30-40 minutes, but the way I carry on, you’d think that I’d been at it for 37 hours with no break. (And I can’t begin to count the number of times that I flop to the floor, and dramatically whisper through parched lips as if it’s my last breath, I caaaaan’t!)

Putting Life Together Again

Who on earth thought this was a great little jingle to read to children? Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, Couldn’t put Humpty together again. Really. It’s not cute. It’s scary. {I also have a problem with Little Jack Horner who sat in a corner intending to eat a whole pie. He stuck in his thumb and pulled out a plum and decided that eating a pie with his fingers made him

My Finguh Hurts … Bring Grace

Be the reason someone smiles today, from Gaye Lindfors

He was a cute little guy with curly red hair wearing a flannel shirt and little-boy jeans. He lay face down on the bottom platform of the Target cart, dragging his chubby hands along on the floor, singing a song he was making up in the moment as his mom moved through the produce section. All was well with his world. Until … One of those cute little fingers got pinched under the wheel of the cart. Then all was not well with his world. He rolled

No complaining … really?

Lord, may my words today bering hope, healing and grace.

There are some verses in the Bible that make me scratch my head and murmur, Really? Did you really mean to write that? I’ve been studying one of those verses the last few days … “Do everything without complaining or arguing…”  (Philippians 2:14) There must have been an “… except when …” or “… unless this happens …” that was somehow omitted, right? Because … Thanksgiving family get-togethers. Long shopping lines and tired clerks on the Friday after Thanksgiving. And the refs calling the football game are

My Hallmark Story

It's a new day. Start a new life chapter.

Oh, Nooo. Nooo. Noooo. It’s too early… Waaay too early. But they have begun. TV commercials for… Hallmark. Holiday. Specials. Now I like a good sappy, cry-til-your-eyes-are-puffy and your face-is-blotchy movie like everyone else. (Except my husband Steve. He would rather read a book.) But sometimes…they are just a bit too much….

“In Everything” Includes the Dentist Visit

Our little prayers are OK to pray

The dentist’s office is not my happy place. Not even in the same zip code. Or hemisphere. When the hygienist checks my blood pressure and tells me it’s a little high, I try and act surprised. She doesn’t know that my anxiety is about ready to make my head explode the minute they wrap that little napkin around my neck. This week when I went in for my regular exam, I had a big ‘ol cold sore on my upper lip. You can probably guess how comfortable

Stand Up and Step Away

Together, life is just better.

(Remembering really fun moments from a few years ago …) The cable was as thin as my confidence that it could actually bear my weight. I looked across the ravine to where my landing place would be, and I looked down into the ravine where I did not want my landing place to be. And then I just shook. Good grief. I was zip lining. Now just let me say… For those of you who have done this, and the experience was not fearful and only exhilarating…I

If Only…

Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tomorrow.

Oh, if only… Sigh. There were those moments. Moments when I didn’t say words that were kind. Moments when I was more concerned with what others might think about my opinion, than with what needed to be said. Moments that would have welcomed a Do-Over. If only… …I had asked myself if my words were loving before they left my mouth. …I had chosen to be inclusive rather than exclusive. …I had considered the other person’s heart instead of my own insecurities. The moments that can so quickly strangle

Lives That Mold Us

Lives that Mold Us, from Gaye Lindfors

I’ve been talking to the TV. Good grief. Typically, my one-sided conversations are in response to … … politicians who are yelling at me – telling me what to believe. … the cable news shows on-air talent sitting on couches telling me how I am supposed to think. … advertisers who spend more time telling me about their drug’s side effects than the help it might offer. I’m just tired of people yelling. People who don’t know me, telling me what to believe, think, and do. You

Learning from the Farmers

Combines Harvesting at Sunset

I learned it first in farming. Farmers and families coming together when the fields were ready for harvest and the rain was coming tomorrow as sure as the sun comes up. Trucks and combines moving across dusty gravel roads in single file and descending on someone’s farm to help them get their crop in. The John Deeres and Massey Fergusons caravanning to the next farm with ears tuned in to weather reports while turning on lights to break through the dusk, and men and women in overalls praying for just a couple

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