Fixing My Eyes

God's got this

I wonder what kept some of our faith heroes from rolling their eyes at God. Like when God told Noah, “So make yourself an ark…” I think I would have muttered a quick, “You’ve got to be kidding me” somewhere in that conversation. But “Noah did everything just as God commanded him.” And when God appeared to Abram, who with his wife Sarai so badly wanted a child. God told him to “Look toward heaven, and number the stars, if you are able to number them…So shall

Be the Sunshine

Be the Sunshine

When I take the time to consider the influence we have on the hearts of others, it boggles my mind. And it’s a little scary. And amazing. But mostly mind-boggling. Just think about it. We can literally change the course of someone’s day by one word. Or one action. Or one smile. And boy, let’s do our best to change that someone’s day for the better, right? Our ability to influence someone’s heart – change their day – doesn’t happen because we “have a big platform.” Or

Start Again

I think it’s one of the best parts of being alive … We can always start again. Let’s face it. We’ve all messed up. Made mistakes and unfortunate choices. We’ve said things and done things that make us wonder … Really? Why did I think that was a good idea? And yet, we can get up the next morning and start again. Sometimes it’s helpful and encouraging to remember these truths … • Everybody’s got something. Nobody has it all together all the time. • We can

Life is a Parade!

Life is a Parade

What is it about parades? They make us cheer and clap. Wave at people we don’t know. Bounce to the music. Hope that some of the candy gets thrown our way. And some of us get misty when the nostalgia passes by. The “professional” parades are OK to watch, right? Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade brings out our inner parade critic from the comfort of our couches. We pick the floats we like best, worry that the girls carrying the flags are going to freeze to death, and wonder

Game Changer!

What a great day!

My intention is to live a full, fun, faithful, joy-filled life. My dad would call it a “This is livin!” life. (And he sure knew how to do that!) But you know what? Things get in my way. Things like complaining. Whining. Stressing. Yea. The silly things that can slurp the good right out of everything. Know what I mean? But. I’ve started responding to life’s moments a bit differently, and it’s a game changer! Here’s what I’m doing … I’ve added this phrase to my vocabulary,

Can You See Me?

I see you. I care.

It was not my finest moment. It was worse than a bad moment. It was a “You’ve got to be kidding me!” moment. Some years ago, I worked as the Corporate Employment Manager for a big firm in downtown Minneapolis. I interviewed job candidates all day. Loved it. But. One day … I was interviewing a young man, and in the middle of the interview, I woke up. Yes, that’s right. I woke up. Somewhere between “Why are you interested in this position?” and “Tell me about

My Cotton Candy Thoughts

My mind feels like a cotton candy machine. It’s going in circles, and as it spins, it collects more to-dos, deadlines, and random thoughts swirling inside it. My brain starts to feel sticky. Then I open my eyes and wake up. My alarm clock says it’s a couple hours before my feet need to hit the ground running, but my heart and my head are wide awake. And my stomach feels like I just ate too much of that airy, sugary, nothing-healthy-in-it, cone of pink messiness. Sigh.

Patience of a Saint

God is who He says He is.

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “He has the patience of a saint.” I was thinking about God today, and how patient He is with me, and I used that phrase to describe Him in my mind. But then I thought, well, that doesn’t make any sense. Because He IS a saint. Or, He’s the Saint of All The Saints. And then I started worrying that I was really getting my doctrine all mixed up and I was losing track of where I was going with that thought

The Gate is Open!

Live like someone left the gate open

I don’t remember where I saw the photo, but the moment it captured has stayed in my memory. The picture caught a large group of parade-watchers crowded onto a city sidewalk. Too many people in too little space. The scene highlighted an elderly woman calmly resting her arms on the street barrier, leaning into the scene, watching the parade go by. Smiling. Relaxing. Soaking it all in. Standing around this woman were a whole lot of others taking selfies. Posing. Finding the right light. Looking at their

Heaven is Cheering You On!

All of Heaven is Cheering You On

YAASSSS! Spring has arrived in Minnesota! The usual clues are showing up. Most noticeably, the orange traffic cones reminding us of the road construction we have to maneuver through. Parkas have been replaced with rain jackets and the icicles hanging from our roofs have melted away. Another clue is the swarm of runners. You can tell they’ve been itching to get out running without the icy roads and sleety weather. They are everywhere! Very cool. Do you enjoy running? If you do, I applaud you! I’m truly

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