Today Will be a Great Day

OK. So here’s the deal.
From my heart to yours.

Isn’t it time we stop saying stupid stuff to ourselves? (“You really are a mess, aren’t you? Uggh. Nothing will ever change—why even try? I’m just tired of everything. Nothing good is ever going to happen again. This mess will never get fixed.”) Stupid stuff that isn’t true and isn’t helpful. Instead, how about if we start speaking life and hope into our lives?

We can do that, you know. Even those of us who are Midwestern Scandinavians who tread lightly when it comes to lifting ourselves up. Am I right? (I heard you whisper your agreement. Thank you. We can be brave together.)

Here’s what I’m learning…
When I set an intention to make good choices, look for the fun, and bring the joy, life just gets better. And when I speak those intentions out loud, the truth in those words sink even deeper into my soul. I hear and feel the words and get excited about making them a reality.

There’s nothing hocus-pocus about declaring what God is doing in my life or in your life. There’s nothing silly about declaring that today will be a good day and then making the choices that make it so.

May I share some of my truth-and-hope-filled words with you?

My current writing project is a (free) mini-guide to designing a life you love. (It’s still in those messy first drafts, and I’m not sure about the title, but you will be the first to hear when it is available!)

Included in its pages are a few short statements I’ve created for myself that remind me that life can be good. I call them “Truths for Today.”

I’m sharing one of them here. Copy it, tweak it, rewrite it, make it your own. Most importantly, start speaking truth into your life. Say your words out loud—in the privacy of your closet or bathroom if you want. Say the words, hear the words, and then live the words.

Let your words set your vision for the day.

YOU, my friend, are a gift to the world. Thank you for showing up.

Truth for Today

I am an energetic, confident, fun girl who is designing a great life.
Today I will seek God’s plan and live in a way that honors Him.
I will trust His faithfulness and lean into His strength.
God has good things planned for me.
It will be a great day!

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