Do What It Says

There are times when I read something in the Bible and it’s as if the statement begins, “Dear Gaye, please read this carefully; it is written for you.”

I love it when the phrases that follow that introduction remind me about God’s love for me. About His mercy and grace. His faithfulness. My heart is encouraged, and I breathe easier. I have the habit of brushing that page in The Good Book with my hand as I smile and think about those blessed promises in the beautiful words.


There are times when the statement that begins, “Dear Gaye, please read this carefully; it is written for you,” is followed by words that make me feel very uncomfortable. My heart feels funny and my breathing is heavier. I feel my muscles tighten and my hand pats the page nervously as I stare at the words.

In those moments, the words challenge me. Convict me. Teach me. And call me to change course.

Have you read James 1:22 lately? I have.

And when I did, the patting and the tightening and the discomfort began.

“Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves.

Do what it says.”

Do what it says.

I don’t think there’s much explanation needed here, right?

I know when I am merely listening, reading, and thinking about what God tells me to do. I receive the words and then I get out of my chair and go back to business as usual.

And I know what I need to start doing in obedience to what I have read and heard. I need to get up and change…do.

Here’s the deal…

All those verses that I read that remind me that I need to make different choices, create different priorities, write the letter, say “I’m sorry,” or live differently?

They are for my good. None of God’s commands and life direction moments are ever written or said to make us miserable.

God desires that we have a rich, full, good life.

Obedience is always the right choice. Even when it’s hard.

And obedience requires action. Doing.


I want to be obedient; do the right thing.

With the emphasis on “do.”

You too?

Let’s “do” today.

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