Deer Hunting in Mom’s Words

It’s the story that has made its way around emergency rooms, hospital rooms, recovery rooms, and pre-op rooms. Doctors and specialists and nurses and anesthesiologists throughout the Twin Cities United Health system have heard it. Mom’s doctor can tell it verbatim.

It’s Mom’s Deer Hunting Story.

For whatever reason, whenever Mom has had a health issue that has required strong pain medicine or laughing gas, she starts telling anyone and everyone who will listen…The Deer Hunting Story. In those moments, she’s feeling very relaxed from the medication. Her face is flushed, she is animated, and she is verrrry excited to tell the story. It’s the story of one of her most proud moments.

In honor of deer hunting season, I’m sharing The Deer Hunting Story here.

In My Mom’s words…

When George and I were first married, he invited me to go deer hunting with him and his friends. He taught me how to shoot, and I had the big bruise on my shoulder to prove it. The night before the first day of hunting, the men had this big meeting about where they would hunt and how they would hunt. They told me that I would sit in this big circular thing. I think they wanted to make sure I would be safe and out of the way.

 The men spread out in the woods. I sat in the circular thing for a long time. Suddenly, I saw deer coming towards me. I stood up very, very slowly and raised my gun and shot the first buck in the neck. The bullet went through his neck and into the shoulder of the doe standing behind him. And then I shot again and hit the third deer in its backend. Then I just sat there.

 George came by later and asked me if I’d seen any deer. I told him I had. He asked me where they went. I told him I shot them. Three of them. And I pointed to them. He just shook his head and smiled.

 My name was in the newspaper with the story. My oldest brother Gerhart was so proud of me that he sent me a big, beautiful picture of deer in the pasture. George just kept shaking his head.

 I shot three deer with two slugs. George didn’t get any deer.

I wish you could see mom’s face when she tells this story. She just beams. We just shake our heads and smile back.

Be safe, my deer hunting friends!

Revised this previously published post November 12, 2015

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  1. Absolutely love this story–and the joy your mother gets from telling it! Thanks for sharing.

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