Living in Two Worlds

Wanting desperately to be married.
Wanting desperately not to be married.

Desperate for a job.
Desperate for a different job.

Dreaming of a good night’s sleep.
Dreaming of the ability to get out of bed.

If we live in America, we have much to be thankful for.
And…if we live in America, our individual needs and wants are unique.

We live in two worlds.

In one, we are (or should be) aware of the blessings showered on us every moment we take a breath.
Our nights are not interrupted by the blinding lights of missiles hitting the earth and the inhumane sounds of bombs ending lives.
If we don’t have enough food in our cupboards, there are friends who are ready to help.  “Here, take this.”

In the other world we live in, we are faced with the realities of simply living – living anywhere but the Garden of Eden before Adam and Eve made some very unfortunate choices.
Loneliness, heartache, confusion, anger.

So I’ve been thinking about Gratitude.
Thinking about my friends who may be lonely, hurting, sick, or wishing for something else.

And I think it comes down to this…

Gratitude is embracing all the good in our lives, and accepting God’s perfect love to help explain the “not so good.”

We take all the irrational explanations, the shattering of hearts broken, and the garbage bags filled with tear-filled tissues and remember this…

“…You [God] are good, and what you do is good.”  (Psalms 119:68)

When I wrap my head and my heart around that truth…
The world becomes an easier place to love, sing, move…Be.

I am praying, Dear Reader, that you will be filled with the grace and peace that come from living in this simple truth…

God is good.

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