Unclogging Drains and Hearts

The maintenance guy running the “snake” down mom’s kitchen sink to find the clog seemed to be having a very, very bad day … again. Bless his heart. It must be so uncomfortable living in such misery. Every single time we see him, he is upset. Angry. Blaming. His world is just … miserable.

You’ve probably experienced the same consistently-bad-mood attitudes in your world. It shows up in so many ways, doesn’t it? The driver who cuts us off in the Fast Lane.  The grumpy sales clerk.  The co-worker who can’t find one good thing happening in the world.

Oh, December. With all your wonder and merriment and jingle bells and carols and sparkling lights, why do some people still have grey, gloomy clouds hanging over their heads?

I guess the answer is obvious.

Life still happens.

We don’t usually know what “moment” just occurred in the lives of those around us.  But we observe and experience their reactions to what might be some pretty trying events.

They may not be bad people…

They could be good people dealing with some really tough things.

So … I’m learning. And choosing.

During this month of December, when life gets even crazier for so many, I want to share grace and patience with those with the grey clouds.

Join me?

Let’s be slower to react…

quicker to smile, and…

respond from “the good place” of our hearts.

Sound good?

The snake down the drain found grease waaaaaayyy down the pipes, provided by the residents living somewhere above us. Just as it has every December (after Thanksgiving!) for the last few years.  Loosening up the clog fixed it all up.

And as there has been in years past, there are people walking around us with some mighty big burdens and hurts. Lots of clogged hearts and clogged minds and clogged emotions.

Let’s not add to the clogs.

Let’s offer GRACE and help with the unclogging.

We can make a difference.


  1. I love this call to action!!! I wonder how many analogies we could come up with on this idea? Grace as Draino…Grace as WD40….Others??

  2. What a neat, creative way of thinking about Grace! Grace as make-up remover (make-up that clogs our pores and masks our blemishes)! You’ve got me thinking, Lori! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and creativity!

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