Reset and Recalculate

My energy tank was on empty and I was coasting on fumes. “Frumpy” and “worn out” were self-describing words that I heard repeatedly in my mind. Muscles ached, and neither “fresh” nor “radiant” described my complexion.

I felt … old.

And then I heard an interview on the radio that sent me into a “You’ve got to be kidding me!” moment.

The young woman was talking about her high school experience — 15 years earlier. She coyly said, “That was when I was young! Let’s not talk about how many years ago that was!” And then she added a giggle and a tee-hee.

I could feel my annoyance start churning, and I looked at the car radio knobs and said a little too loudly, “YOU ARE NOT OLD!”

Why was she thinking that someone with an age that begins with a 3 has the right to joke about being old? I think that is a joking privilege reserved for those of us whose age begins with a 6, or a 7+, right?

The tee-hee was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It SOUNDED young. And it didn’t sound authentic.

Yup. That little interview just got me going, and it was playing right into my current state of feeling old and tired. You know…old as in, “It’s too late to start something new.” “Not enough years left to see dreams fulfilled.” “The cottage cheese on the thighs has taken up permanent residence.”

Good grief.

I decided that this emotional state was most definitely not a Happy Place, and I needed to move on.

Reset and relocate. 

Here are the new messages I started running through my mind as I moved from this messy moment to a happy place …

First, Gaye, give that young woman on the radio a break. She was probably nervous. And even though she’s in her 30’s, maybe she does feel old right now!

And then …

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Change your thinking: Feeling old is temporary. Move on. Life is good. Find the moments that bring you joy and make you smile. Focus on them.

And finally … Make some changes. You are still able to make choices that influence how your muscles feel and how dewy your face looks. Enjoy the miraculous, life-changing benefits of taking a nap.

Hey, girlfriends.

Are you feeling a bit older than the numbers suggest? A bit snippy? Worn out?

If you look through this electronic screen, you’ll see me raising my hand and whispering, “Me too. I get it.”

So … let’s move on. Start a new chapter.

Age is a number made up of years.

Life is an event made up of moments.

Let’s enjoy the moments.

You are Extraordinarily Significant!