The Synch Swimmers

Before I share some encouraging words with you here, I have exciting news to tell you!

I sent the manuscript for my new book to my editor last week, and “Getting My Ducks in a Row and Other Stories of Faith” will be available later this Fall!  Whoo hoo!  This was a fun book to write—a collection of stories about faith lessons learned while … trying to get my ducks in a row! (Which, really, is that even possible?)

Anyway. I’ll keep you posted on our progress. I can’t wait to share it with you.
And now back to our regularly scheduled note!

I missed watching the summer Olympics this year.

My favorite event? Synchronized swimming. I guess they were going to change the event name to Artistic Swimming this year.

I don’t think it even shows up in prime time – it’s not a big fan favorite – but watching those ladies swim in synch actually makes me gleeful. I mean, good grief. How can any human being hold their breath that long while kicking their legs above the water or holding another human being on their shoulders!

I tried it once, you know.
My friend Lynn and I decided we’d give it a shot.  Ooftah.  Whatever were we thinking.

We selected the hyped-up music, created a dazzling routine, donned the colorful swim caps, and performed for a group of friends in a hotel swimming pool. Wearing nose plugs.

It wasn’t pretty. Not at all. (Of course, we couldn’t stop laughing and that made it difficult to catch a good breath before going under. And then we had to keep rewinding the cassette tape in the boom box every time we had to start over. And I still can’t believe I CHOSE to perform in a swimsuit in front of people that knew me.)

I love watching this Olympic event.

Besides the fact that this sport doesn’t include any high dives or parallel bars that are too nerve-wracking to watch and create an I’ll watch the replay moment for me because, really, someone could hit their head on the platform or fall off and break something …

This activity involves a partner. You can’t synch swim alone.
Kind of like life, right?

My days can get filled with trying to keep my head above water while wanting to grab something that will provide the support I need to propel me forward, or create the harmony and beauty my heart wants…but I don’t. Because I’m choosing to try and not bother and be self-sufficient and do it alone.

My friend, life is a do-it-with-someone activity. We were created to listen to the music and find the rhythm with each other. Find our friend’s ankle or hand under the surface, which moves us forward. Stand on her knees or shoulders while she graciously lifts us up and supports us. Locking arms so we can both stay afloat and create something magical.

I’m sure those synch swimmers have moments when they get water in their nose. Or their muscles are strained. Or the music can’t be heard. Moments when everything is off and there is no synch in their swim.

But they always show up the next day.  Because they are committed to each other. They can’t do it alone.

So, how about this. For the rest of this summer? Let’s synch.
Swimsuits not required.

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