A Little Nudge

Sometimes we need a little nudge, don’t we?

When I’m feeling stuck or like I’m pacing in circles (perhaps even literally pacing in circles), I just need a little oomph or push to get me back on track and stop the slow spinning.

Much of the time, my pacing is because I’m wondering about something in front of me. I’m trying to make decisions, but I don’t have all the information I need, or the significance of any of my choices loom large and I don’t want to mess it up. Wishing I had the complete action steps laid out in a 3-ring binder in front of me with a “here’s where they are now” epilogue in the final section, I spin. And think. And rethink. And spin again.

You’ve been there right?

Here’s what I’ve learned. The nudge I need to stop the spinning isn’t going to be the binder with all the answers and results. The nudge I need is for someone to tell me to do something. Take the next step. I need to be obedient to what God has told me to do next, one step at a time. He’ll show me the rest of the plan as we move forward together.

One of my “nudge heroes” is Noah. I mean, really. God told him to build an ark. He told him exactly how to make it. He told him there would be a flood. And Noah started building.

Now if I were Noah, I’d have a whole lot of follow-up questions, right? When will this happen? Will this boat really float? What if it doesn’t? What about my family? How long will it rain? What happens when the rain stops?  Noah only got the first section from the 3-ring binder: “I need you to build an ark like this and here’s why.” And yet, Noah “did everything just as God commanded him.” And for the next 43,800 days, Noah obediently built the ark one piece of cypress wood at a time. Doing just what God had told him to do.

Noah was obedient to what God told him to do next. He did it. Then, God showed him what to do next. And Noah did that. And again, and again, and again. God gave the direction, Noah obeyed, and God gave the next direction.

Obedience precedes revelation. (One of the most important lessons I learned at Bethany Global University: Missions College.)

It’s understandable that we want the full plan and results when we’re trying to move forward in something or make decisions. But God doesn’t always work that way. He will, however, always show us exactly what we need to do to next. It’s up to us to do it.

Is your mind spinning in place while you try and figure out what to do next? Consider this your nudge, my friend.

Pause for a moment and consider one thing God has told you to do. Do it. Take that step. He will reveal the next step after that. We can trust that He has a plan and will reveal it all to us in His perfect timing.

Nudge, nudge … Obedience precedes revelation.

Take the step God has told you to take.

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