Fairy Tale Realities

I wonder how happy we would really be if we lived a fairy tale life.

If we had the 18” waist, the long, thick hair that was sometimes styled into a perfect braid instead of a messy bun, perfect skin that didn’t know rosacea was a thing. If we walked through trees and wildflowers wearing tiny slippers that covered feet that didn’t have protruding bones or pinched toes, and an ankle-length dress that never got dirty, singing like an angel while butterflies perched on our shoulders.

Well, that wouldn’t be all bad, right?.

In our childhood years we dreamed of all the good things that life would bring us when we finally “get big,” didn’t we?

I’ll be the first one in line when we’re asked to step forward and talk about all the really, really good things we have in our lives, now that we’re “big.”

And…tough things happen too.

Even in the fairy tales, life can get a little messed up sometimes.

The big bad wolf who is trying to blow your house down threatens your livelihood, your income, your home. The not-so-nice-person carrying the basket of apples offers you disappointment, pain, rejection. Storms show up disguised as significant changes in schedules and responsibilities, burning buildings, extraordinarily loud voices—oh, the volume and anger in the voices, shifts in how we work and live with each other. And you’re tired of waiting for a prince to come and bring you out of that long sleep you’re in – disease, depression, addiction.

We breathe it silently…it’s whispered into pillows…
I didn’t think my life would be like this.

Here’s what I’m believing…
In the turmoil…
In the sadness and disappointment…
In the anxiety…
In the disease…
In the career U-turns…
In the loss…
In death…
God is faithful.

You aren’t alone. I get it.

This morning I re-read a few sentences from Leeana Tankersley’s book, “Brazen.” Her words were reassuring. I could actually feel my shoulders relax and drop. At the same time, her reminder dripped some life into my slow-to-start heart.

 “God is not behind us, pushing us forward in life, He is, instead, standing out in front of us, already inhabiting the space in front of us, inviting us toward him, his arms reaching out for us as we stumble and fumble in his general direction. Like, ‘Come on, you can do it, take another step, this way, I’m here, keep going.’” (p. 74)

Deep exhale.

Whether you feel His presence, or you feel only a cold chill and a knot in your belly, God is right there with you. You have not been abandoned.

This is a promise for you and for me …

He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.
Psalm 147:3

Would you take a moment? Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and exhale. Whisper these words …

Lord, please heal my broken heart. Bind up my wounds. Thank you for standing in front of me. I choose You.”

God is faithful.

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