The Flooding That Doesn’t Stop

SONY DSCThe water didn’t stop.
It kept running.
And running.
And running.

Minnesota has had too much rain, hitting a ground that has too much moisture, and basements are filling up with too much water.
My sister’s home was not immune.

The wet floor started in the laundry room.
Then moved into the family room.
And the office.
Until eventually it was running out the door.

We started moving boxes and household items.
Furniture was hauled to the main floor.
And eventually, a storage unit was rented because only so much furniture can fit on one level of a 2-level home.

We’d listen to the rain at night, checking the basement, wondering how early Mike, The Guy Who Knows How to Get Water Out of a Basement, would be coming to start his bailing, pumping, vacuuming, drying.

It wasn’t a big whoosh of water that soaked the basement.
It was several days of slow, steady streams coming from seemingly out of nowhere.
From the ground, from the walls, through the sheetrock.

And so subtle.

Kind of like life, uh?

Sometimes A Big One hits us.
The diagnosis, a death, the crash, the deceit.

But tough times also come in the form of uninterrupted and incessant pounding.

The disappointments and pain come without notice.
Without a break.
One after the other.

You know what I mean, right?
It’s the steadiness of it all that threatens to take us down like crashing waves.

We wonder, How long can this continue?
Enough is enough. Our hearts can’t take any more disappointment.
Our strength is sapped.
And we wonder if God has forgotten that we are here.

And then…God reminds us…
Just as He did with Noah in the biggest flood ever…

But God remembered Noah…and the flood began to disappear.” (Genesis 8:1)

Oh, Dear Friend…
Are your arms aching from treading water and carrying the burdens?
Does there seem to be no end to the water?
No end to the disappointments?

God has not abandoned you. You are not forgotten.

God, in His infinite wisdom and great love and abundant mercy remembers you.
He will not leave you helpless, strengthless, hopeless.

He will meet you just where you are.
One way or the other, your flood will lose its ability to overwhelm you.
If your situation doesn’t change, your heart will.

God remembers you…your flood will disappear.
That’s a promise.

You are Extraordinarily Significant!