The Day I Lost a Day

It was three years ago this week that I lost Tuesday.

One moment I was doing lunges and burpees at the Y, and the next moment everything just got … lost. I have no memory of that afternoon.

The doctors said I had an episode of transient global amnesia. (When the doctor told me that was her diagnosis, I started to laugh. Because, really. Who gets amnesia when they’re doing burpees at the Y?)

An overnight stay at the hospital and lots of tests indicated that it was only amnesia; no stroke or anything else that we’d already started worrying about. My brain was simply incapable of creating short term memories that day. (I wrote more about that lost day here.)

It was scary. And it caused me to pause and reconsider life, moments, and how I show up, or don’t show up.

I’m feeling that same need to pause and reconsider and reflect lately …wondering about what has been and what’s next.

Maybe it’s that the feelings associated with that lost day subconsciously bubble up more strongly around this time every year. They remind me that life is short and not to miss it.

Or maybe it’s knowing that the NCIS season is coming to an end, and I’ll have to wait until next Fall to know what happens to Jethro, McGee, Ellie, Nick, Jimmy and Kasie.  Sigh.

The month of May seems like such a great time to re-evaluate life, doesn’t it?

In the Midwest we’re packing up parkas and galoshes and wondering why we didn’t start doing our flabby arm exercises earlier because now tank-top time is upon us. We’re ending one season and starting another. Our rhythms change. Our activities change. We are shedding what was right for then, and we are putting on what we need now.

I’m enjoying the time I’m taking to consider my priorities and dreams. I’m thinking through what I want this summer to look like. What do I want to set aside? What do I want to try?

I know that I want to continue focusing on this: Love God and love people. The question I’m noodling around in this brain of mine is how to do that even more intentionally in this season.

Losing another day is not on my to-do list. But creating intentional moments is.

What do you want your summer to look like?
How do you want to spend your time? What moments do you want to create?

I’d love to hear about them. Really. I would.

This season, this month, this day, could be the start of something new. Something really great.

Life is short and life is good.

Let’s not waste a moment of it.

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