Fear Not Tomorrow

It’s the fear that stops my breathing and causes a very unattractive rash to start spreading on my neck…

Being caught in a storm at sea. Or on a lake. Or even a backyard pond.

I have no intention of ever being in a situation where I have to whack seagulls on the head with a paddle for lunch while clinging to a strand of seaweed.

Perhaps it’s past experiences that create this almost irrational fear of being lost in the middle of a body of water in a storm of It’s never been this bad proportion with the boat capsizing.

…There was the canoe incident at Camp Fire Girls Camp when I was 10. I was taking the tip-your-canoe-over in the middle of the lake on purpose to prove that you could save yourself. Who in their right mind thought that was a good idea? Storm clouds came, rain descended, I couldn’t open my eyes because the rain pellets hurt my eyeballs, I gulped 32 gallons of lake water while trying to keep my head above the waves, and the lifeguard just stood on the shore with her clipboard, monitoring my progress.

..And then there was the sailboat incident in the Madeline Islands with a group of friends. Darkest clouds and strongest winds I’ve ever seen. The rain was falling sideways. Leaning just like our sailboat. Even our rent-a-captain thought we were going to die.

So, yeah. Going on a cruise is not on my bucket list.

That’s why I find the story of Jesus calming the storm in Mark 4 so…simply amazing.

One of Jesus’ best friends, Mark, tells the story of going with Jesus and the other disciples for a boat ride. He writes, “A furious squall came up.” Well, doesn’t that just sound peachy. The “waves broke over the boat, so that it was nearly swamped.” Breathe…breathe…breathe…

And where was Jesus? “Jesus was in the stern, sleeping on a cushion.” (I wonder why Mark detailed the cushion thing. Maybe it’s because it makes us even more aware of how very relaxed and not-stressed Jesus was during the furious squall.)

This story jumpstarts my faith battery big time.

Jesus was not hunched over in the boat, wringing his hands, whispering, What should we do? Who has a book that tells us what to do in a furious squall with waves breaking over the boat? Does anyone get a signal here? I need to call my friend and ask her what we should do.

No. Jesus was sleeping. Resting. Without fear.

His heart could rest because He knew The One who was right there riding out the storm with them.

Every single day of his life, Jesus was focused on his Father. He never focused on his situation.

I’ve been listening to the song, “Fear Not Tomorrow.” {Nobody sings it better than the Collingsworth Family. Check them out on YouTube.}

Just think about these words…

Are you troubled o’er things to come? Is your future unsure?
And are you dreading the coming dawn? A long day to endure?
Fear not tomorrow. God is already there.
He’s charting the course you take. He sees each hidden snare.
He’s waiting to guide you through each burden and care.
Fear not tomorrow. God is already there.

Many things about tomorrow I don’t seem to understand.
Oh, but I know Who holds tomorrow.
And l know, oh, I know. Yes, I know Who holds my hand.
Fear not tomorrow. God is already there.

These days feel like we’re riding in a furious squall with waves breaking over the boat, don’t they?

And yet…
I truly believe that we can choose faith instead of what-if’s, rest instead of pacing, and trust instead of worry.

Fear not tomorrow. God is already there.


First published on December 10, 2015.


  1. Thank you so much for your writing and the willingness to share. God has spoken to me many times through your writing and today I am prompted to tell you how much I appreciate your ministry.
    I think we are about 3rd cousins through the Grambos from Trysil, Norway and I’m proud to be related to you! Keep up the good work.

  2. Oh, Gloria, thank you so much! Your encouraging words went straight to my heart…and they came on a day when I needed to hear them! I’m so grateful that you are encouraged by my writings. Thank you for letting me know. It’s wonderful being cousins! Whether it’s first, second, third…we’re family. Gloria, thank you for responding to God’s prompting and sending me a note. I am really very grateful.

  3. Wonderful way to start my Saturday, laughter and thought provoking information! Met you in Sheldon, Ia. at a Retreat a few years ago and really enjoy your e-mails! Learning and trusting God more everyday. Betty

  4. Oh, Betty, thank you for your note! Sheldon, IA will always be a really special place. What a fabulous weekend with a fabulous group of women. Your encouragement is very meaningful to me, Betty. And your timing was perfect! Our faith is a journey, isn’t it? And it sure is sweeter when we can travel with each other. Your words made a difference in my heart, Betty. Thank you.

  5. Reading this just before bedtime tonight, facing many challenges and unknowns, but reading your reminder was so precious to me this very evening. God is already in our tomorrows. Oh, why do we fret and worry so!?! Thank you for posting this today. We also met in Sheldon and I so enjoy seeing your posts come to my inbox. Thank you for responding to the Lord’s call and writing from your heart and experiences….

  6. Thank you, Amy, for your note. You have encouraged me – what a gift that is! I wish the unknowns and challenges would go away, don’t you? I guess what we’re really wishing is that the tough times won’t come or they’d go away, and my heart would be calmer about them. Then I remember that God knows about all of it. Nothing has missed His attention. And it is in HIM that we can rest. Even in the toughest times, He can give us the peace and calm that we need. I sure loved my time in Sheldon….a whole bunch. Thanks for sharing your heart, Amy. YOU are loved!

  7. Gaye,
    Oh boy can I relate to the fear of being on the water!!! You always personalize your writings and it makes me feel as if I am in your writing.
    A great reminder to remember He is always by our side. Fear not…

  8. You get the fear of water thing, Sandy! I knew there had to be more of us. Thank you for your note. You have encouraged my heart. It’s good to know that we are never, ever alone, isn’t it? Blessings on your day today!

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