Life is Too Short to Wait

So, this will be new. Different. My perspective has shifted. And it’s a game-changer for me.

You know how sometimes that “Ah-ah!” moment strikes you like a lightning bolt slashing through
thunderclouds? That deep insight or brilliant idea seems to smack you on the side of your head and you
can hardly believe how smart you suddenly became.

And then there are those “Ahhhh…of course…” moments that sneak up on you. That deep insight or
brilliant idea slides right alongside you and you can only pause and wonder why it took you so long to
see it.

My new perspective just slid up and linked arms with me, and we’re gliding along on a new path of
expectation. “Ahhhh…of course…”

Here’s the deal …

I’ve been struggling with two challenges recently:
1. I’ve felt older than usual.
2. I’ve had trouble seeing “This is Livin’!” moments. (Moments that make me smile or giggle, and
remind me that life is rich and full and good.)

The first – feeling old – was simply a temporary blip on the screen. A mental burp, lack of restful sleep,
and too much sitting. Feeling frumpy because of my choices. I can change this up pretty quickly. And I
have! (Patting myself on the back right now.)

But the second one – trouble finding my “This is livin’!” moments – that seemed more than temporary.
And that didn’t feel right. That bothered me.

I couldn’t find the little moments that brought the giggle. Life had become too serious.
I’d look at the pictures on Facebook or Instagram of friends’ beautiful moments – sunsets, parties,
vacations, kids. And I’d feel … like I lived in a very small world.

Because I spend so much time caring for my mom, I’ve had to pull out of most girlfriend get-togethers. I
run my own business and my colleagues don’t work in the cubicle next to me. Trips are focused on
getting home to spend time with Steve and the grocery store. We didn’t have children, so there are no
cute kiddo pictures or telling of cute stories.

The result? I didn’t think I had anything to talk about or share in photos.
My world kept getting smaller. And I really felt like there were no happy, special moments to capture.
Life just seemed … dull. Grey. Not bad and not sad. Just … blah.

Well. Time to kick that pity party to the curb! Have mercy.

And then in the quiet of the early morning, the “Ahhh…” came like a whisper.

“Stop waiting for life to happen to you. Start designing it.”

And just like that.
It was as though the heavens parted and the sunshine broke through, straight to my heart and soul.
I started seeing moments that made me smile. Feeling the joy and magic in little things.

Circumstances hadn’t changed; my perspective had shifted.

Of course, staying in my mom’s apartment limits in-person conversations and get-togethers. And the
scenery you find from just being outside of where you live – those natural moments – are still difficult to

So, I have to create them. Watch for them. Find them.

And I am so excited about the challenge of doing that.

This is my “This is livin’!” year.
I’m creating my life. Designing it.

Just writing that makes me smile.

I’ll keep you posted on my “This is livin’!” moments. And I hope you’ll share yours with me.
Life is good.
And life is short.

Let’s make the best of our time here, OK?

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  1. Gaye, thanks for sharing this!! I needed to read this tonight and to be reminded that the world is SO BIG and I still have so much to contribute to it, and so much to create in design in this wonderful life time! Happy 2018! Blessings and joy, Dallas Shealy

  2. Yes! You do, Dallas! We just have to remember this, don’t we? You have so much influence right where you are – your ministry, your leadership, your home, community, church … we can design how we spend our days. And to God be the glory! Thank you for your note, my friend.

You are Extraordinarily Significant!