Our Response

I hope we don’t miss it…
In all the scheduled church services, the pageantry, the choir rehearsals, the Easter Sunday breakfast…
I hope we don’t miss it.

The opportunity to quietly make our hearts right with God.

The colors, the emotions, the waiving palms.
The darkness of Maundy Thursday, the deathly beating of the drum on Good Friday, and the Alleluia celebrations on Sunday morning.
I love what they mean and what they remind us of during this Holy Week. They draw me in and speak to my heart.

But…At least for me…
It’s easy to let the services and the traditions become my faith experience…
Instead of taking the time to sit quietly and do a personal faith check-in.

We will hear all the scriptures and stories this week that remind us of what Jesus’ death and resurrection means for us individually.

Our responsibility is to do something with what we hear…to respond.

As we listen and sing and pray and wonder this week, may we find the time to ask in the quietness of our own souls…

Lord, I’m here. Are you and I good?

Our check-in prayers can be simple…

“Forgive me my sins, as I also forgive everyone who sins against me.”

“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”

“I am yours.”

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