Let’s Have Some Fun!

It’s the weekend!

So many errands…
An endless to-do list…
And the house…well, a bit of cleaning seems a necessity.
Yeah. There’s stuff that needs to get done.

And … How about this …
Can we take just a few moments to just Sit. Or Play. Or Dance instead?

Are you finding that it’s really easy to take life a bit too seriously during this “Ha-Ha- It’s-Not- Spring-Yet” month? Me too.

Good grief.

I’m so ready to just lighten up. Throw off the heavy coat. Box up the mukluks. And then cut the list of to-dos in half.

Let’s do it.
Let’s lighten up.

What makes you smile? What’s fun? What gets you out of responsibility mode and kicks in your “ride your bike until dusk” attitude?

Do it! The world will not end if you have some FUN this weekend. And your heart will thank you.

I think I’m going to tap dance to Bonnie Franklin’s “I Hate to Exercise, I Love to Tap Dance” video this weekend. (A favorite 60th birthday present.) And I’m going to grab my phone, go outside, and take pictures of anything that remotely reminds me that spring is on its way.

Let’s live out loud this weekend.

Let’s create “This is livin’!” moments and kick those winter blahs to the curb.

Life is good and life is short. Let’s have some fun!! (Take pictures and let’s share them on Facebook –

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