My Joanna Gaines Moments

Awe-struck probably best describes my reaction.

I was watching Fixer-Upper, the episode when they develop their new restaurant, the Magnolia Table. What can Joanna Gaines NOT do?

She was designing the floor mural, creating the flow of the space, picking out the perfect palette of colors, deciding on the table shapes, and creating special decorating touches that made it look … like Joanna Gaines did it.

And then.
Then she started developing the menu. Aaaand creating the recipes. And deciding how to use kale and strawberry honey and healthy smoothies.

Building this beautiful space, fixing everything up, creating all the food items, and she’s still young enough to have another baby!
Good grief.
Just thinking about the kale part makes me feel like a stress rash is coming on.

But …
Here’s the neat part of my experience watching that hour of incredible talent and skills and positive spirit and hope-filled dreams turning into reality…

A couple years ago I would have watched and appreciated her talent, while measuring my own skills against hers. And let me just say … home and hearth is not where my natural ability shows up. The show would have left me discouraged that I can’t do what she can do, and disappointed that my life doesn’t look as big and fulfilling as hers does.

But not this time.

This time I realized that she is showing up and doing what she loves, using the talent God has given her. And I can do the same thing … just in a different way.
My Joanna Gaines moments are about making the notes on a piano keyboard sing, encouraging the hearts of women through my books and speaking engagements, connecting the dots for clients who are looking for solutions to workplace issues, organizing details and making things happen. My gifts and passions are no less important than Joanna’s — they’re just different.

(May I just note here … even being brave enough to write down some of the things I’m good at, knowing you are going to read it, is a big step. You get that right? It’s hard to toot our own horn when we’re Scandinavian, Midwestern, middle-aged women! I think I actually heard someone say “Amen!” just now. Thank you.)

This morning I heard Terri Savelle Foy say this in her podcast: “Someone in need is waiting on the other side of your obedience.” Isn’t that a helpful wake-up call? Yes!

Girlfriend, you are gifted in ways that WILL encourage someone else. Step up and share, give, serve, deliver … in the ways that only YOU can! Someone is waiting for what you’ve got to offer!

This week I’m watching for my own “Joanna Gaines moments.” Moments when I know I’m showing up and making a difference – in my own, unique way. (I guarantee you kale is not involved.)

What about you? What do your Joanna Gaines moments look like this week?

Show up, step out, and do your thing. It will matter to someone.

You are Extraordinarily Significant!