Celebrating the Burpees!

So I decided to do a few burpees today. Yeah, I know. I have no idea where that idea came from. The only time I’ve done them in the past is when my favorite trainer, Jody, told me to do them. And that was about four years ago. It’s not something that’s on my “When I want to have fun I will do this…” list.

I wiggled and loosened up, stretched a bit, and got to it. A squat down, kick-your-feet-back push-up, followed by a jump up with arms towards the sky. Then a prayer that my life wouldn’t end, and that my heart wouldn’t beat right out of my chest. And then…Repeat. I did…well, I did a few of them. Not so many that I needed more than two hands…OK, more than one hand…to count my reps.

I finished the burpees, AKA world’s worst exercise for your self-esteem, and decided to focus on the fact that I had done them. Way to go! High five! I’m an athlete! A little strut showed up in my step as I hobbled to the living room.

And then…I saw HER.

On Instagram.

She’s an exercise expert. She posted a video of her burpee routine.


I’m not kidding you! Who in the name of all things logical would ever do that?

The high-fives I had given myself earlier suddenly felt stupid. I mean, really. A bosu ball over her head!!



Instead of deciding to add Haagen Dazs ice cream to the grocery list and run to Cub Foods right away, I chose to pause. And just think about it.

My instinct was to feel less-than, and to feel sorry for myself. To see a standard that I couldn’t meet. Not good enough. Feeling awkward and embarrassed about my imaginary high-fives.

(And how silly is that?)

She is an expert. She’s been doing burpees for years.

I go in and out of the burpee world…more out than in.

Oh, just like life.

Why do we think we must be good at everything? Just because someone else is smarter, faster, funnier, can do better and more burpees, better at fill-in-the-blank…that does not give us a legitimate reason to downplay our own efforts and accomplishments.


My Life Lesson Reminder …

I am called to be the very best “me” that I can be. You are called to be the very best “you” that you can be. If my four burpees were my best…my high-fives were well deserved. Wearing the burpee crown will NEVER be my goal and it will NEVER signal my success or significance.


How about this…

Let’s celebrate all the times we give our best, regardless of what the scorecard says.

You bring your best to the world, and I’ll bring my best.

You will shine, and I will shine.

The world will be a better place because we showed up.




  1. Always love to see your perspective on life, you encourage me more than you know Gaye.

  2. I love this, Gaye! It gives a whole new meaning to Mathew 7:3’s “…Plank in my eye”!! 🙂

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