God: Your Biggest Fan?

It’s a big-deal weekend here in Minnesota.  Our mighty Vikings (football) are playing for the NFC Championship tomorrow!  Go Vikes! (Now if you aren’t a football fan, please hang with me…I think you’ll still enjoy this short note.) It would appear as though most Minnesotans have completely lost their minds.  Office cubicles have been decorated in purple and gold, Favre jerseys have been sighted on every street corner, faces have been painted, and even Prince (the artist formerly known as…) wrote a song for the home team. 

Working Out: Will it ever be a Fun Activity?

Greetings from the land of “Will working out ever be a fun activity?” I started working out again this week at the local YMCA.  Good grief. I had forgotten what happens when you ask your muscles to do things they don’t want to do–they scream! My commitment to getting healthier and “more fit” includes getting more exercise, and I’ve accomplished two goals thus far: Call the Y. Show up at the Y. I’m really quite proud of myself! I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  How is

A Prayer for those who Hurt

As we pray for the people in Haiti, and those in our own countries who may feel forgotten or are without food or shelter… “Almighty and most merciful God, we remember before you all poor and neglected persons whom it would be easy for us to forget; the homeless and destitute, the old and the sick, and all who have none to care for them.  Help us to heal those who are broken in body or spirit, and to turn their sorrows into joy.  Grant this, Father, for

What should you start doing…Now?

Last night I listened to several of my National Speaker’s Association (NSA) colleagues discuss the activities they’ve initiated during the last year to grow their speaking business.  These are some of the best of the best speakers in our industry.  Good information. Each had a different strategy and tactics.  But there was one common activity… Each of them acted.  They created plans, and then executed the plans. It’s easy to stay in a planning mode when we’re trying something new.  We can hide behind our planning, using

What would you do if you were Ten Times Bolder?

That question is my theme for 2010. Fear gets in the way of so many things, doesn’t it?  We’re afraid of failure.  Afraid that someone might get angry with us, or that we’ll disappoint them.  We worry about hurting a friend’s feelings so we don’t speak the truth.  We’re afraid of not being liked. On the business side, we’re afraid that we aren’t good enough so we don’t ask for the promotion.  We fear rejection so we don’t ask for the sale.  We don’t think we’re capable

New year, new job | Kare 11 News interviews Gaye Lindfors

January 4, 2010 GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — It’s a new year with new goals. And for many that includes a renewed commitment to finding a new job. So, what can you do differently to land that dream career? Gaye Lindfors, Strategic Business Advisor and Author of Find A Job: The Little Book For Big Success, joined us at 4 p.m. with more on how to market yourself to stand out from the rest. WATCH ONLINE! (Copyright 2010 by KARE. All Rights Reserved.)

Make the Commitment

As little girls, my sisters and I loved watching the Miss America pageant.  We’d pick out the gowns we wanted to wear, use our homemade score cards to judge the talent competitions and cry when Bert Parks would sing, “There she is, Miss America.”  (If you don’t remember Bert Parks, my apologies.)  It all looked so easy.  It still does. What we didn’t see during that two-hour television show was the incredible amount of preparation and planning that took place before the competition.  A young woman doesn’t

Thoughts on Living with Purpose in the Real World – Join the Conversation!

Living with purpose and making smart, healthy, and productive daily choices is something many of us strive for.  But it’s not always easy living an intentional, faith-based life in a world that demands so much. Don’t you agree? I swear the joy of the Lord just stays in bed some mornings, even when I choose to get out from under the covers.  I know that exercise is good for me…but it takes energy!  And let’s not even start discussing all the reasons why I know my eating

Fulfilling Your Mission: Laurie Beth Jones and Gaye Lindfors

November 11, 2009 Laurie Beth Jones and Gaye discuss the power and focus that come from living with purpose – even during a time of transition. Listen online or download here

Laurie Beth Jones interviews Gaye Lindfors on Leadership

August 8, 2009 Laurie Beth Jones, best-selling author (and one of Gaye’s favorite mentors!) interviews Gaye on her new book and the connections between purpose and work. Listen online or download here

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