Psalm 23: God is my Shepherd, so Nothing Shall I Want

Today I celebrated the life and legacy of my friend Ann’s mom.  Angeline Yelich was loved very much.  Her husband, children, and grandchildren shared stories, laughter, and many tears as they reflected on who she was. During the Funeral Mass we sang the 23rd Psalm.  The words were a little different from the versions I’m used to, and they were just perfect for the day. Perhaps you are weary, sad, or feeling lost. May these words bring you comfort. God is my shepherd, so nothing shall I

Living with Purpose (And Getting Healthier): Learn from Those who Live It

Spending any time in the kitchen is not usually a good time for me.  But in my commitment to getting healthier, I spent an hour this morning cutting up fruits and veggies.  (I count this as “cooking.”  Steve says it really isn’t because no water was boiled and the oven wasn’t on.) I can read, and have read, a lot of books and blogs on getting fit and staying healthy.  I love buying cookbooks – just don’t know what to do with them.  I love listening to CDs,

Our Hearts Keep no Secrets (Part 2)

We’ve been talking about the importance of a healthy heart…physically and spiritually… Titles frequently describe where we fit in society, on the org chart, or how valuable someone else thinks we are.  (Sad, but true.)  How about this one: “King Solomon was greater in riches and wisdom than all the other kings of the earth.”  Pretty impressive, uh?  And yet, with all this wisdom, Solomon still made some pretty big mistakes.  Including his belief that he was above the law. Solomon ignored the memo God sent him.  “And

Our Hearts Keep no Secrets (Part 1)

Our hearts keep no secrets. Symptoms tell us if our heart is healthy — physically and spiritually. My mom’s heart procedures were a great reminder of the importance of taking care of this life-giving organ.

Where is God when it Hurts?

Where is God when your heart is breaking?  When you’ve been unemployed for 14 months and despair is setting in?  When illness has taken over your body and there is no cure? He’s right there.  Sitting next to you.  Holding your hand.  Feeling your pain. God doesn’t leave us when times are tough.  Our pain and sadness don’t chase Him away. Nor do they imply that He has left us. Joshua 1:9 “…Be strong and courageous.  Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord

Gaye Lindfors advises businesses, job seekers | Vadnais Heights Press

by Kristine Goodrich Gaye Lindfors advises job hunters to play with a yo-yo, and wear a tweed hunting cap while smoking a pipe. As owner of Significant Solutions Inc., Lindfors helps businesses and people in transition. A former corporate human resources executive, the Vadnais Heights resident now works as a business and personal consultant. She might help a company downsize or reorganize or help a laid-off worker maintain a sense of purpose while finding his next job.

From Fear to Faith

It is unfortunate, but true. Fear is a traveling companion for many of us. But God has promised to take us out of our fear and move to faith. He says, “Do not be afraid.” It is up to us to believe it.

Meet my Aunt Idelle – She’s Living with Purpose!

My Aunt Idelle has more life than the energizer bunny! Meet her in my latest post and learn how she’s living with purpose at 83–with gusto!

You are Significant!

You are significant. God has determined your worth; He has called you for a purpose no one else can fulfill. Your life matters.

Keeping Commitments: The Morning Wake-up Call

It’s that moment of decision. I’m in that beautiful state of relaxation.  It’s warm under the covers.  My breathing is steady and slow.  Every muscle has decided to relax. But it’s time to get up. This is where the day starts for all of us.  Making a decision. Do I keep the commitment I made to myself about getting out of bed so I have time for devotions, preparing for the day, and eating my oatmeal?  Or do I give in to the bliss of slumber and

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