Kindness is My Responsibility

Kindness is my responsibility

Hi, friend. I’m writing this the weekend before the Tuesday elections. When you read this, we may know who our President is for the next four years. And perhaps we are still waiting to find out. Whatever our situation is … Kindness is our responsibility. Yours and mine. Some are excited about the next four years and are celebrating. Some are worried about the next four years and are grieving. Kindness is our responsibility. How about this … Lord, help me to guard my tongue. Remind me

Farmers Taught Us Well

Sometimes We Serve

I learned it first in farming. Farmers and families coming together when the fields were ready for harvest and the rain was coming tomorrow as sure as the sun comes up. Trucks and combines moving across dusty gravel roads in single file and descending on someone’s farm to help them get their crop in. Then the John Deeres and Massey Fergusons caravanning to the next farm with ears tuned in to weather reports while turning on lights to break through the dusk, and men and women in overalls praying for just a

Let Something Go

Let Something Go

Along with replacing the tank tops in our closet with sweatshirts and flannels, the Fall season invites us to cleanse, purge, start again, and “finish the year strong!” (I’m a little over the whole “finish the year strong” thing. I’m just focusing on finishing today strong. Because my “strong” needs a nap.) A change of season does seem to signal a time to reflect and consider what the next few months could look like though. A time to start again. And that can be healthy. But it’s

My Emergency Board Meeting

Live Life Fully Is A Choice

So, I had a little meeting with myself this afternoon. Kind of like an emergency board meeting when something is bubbling up that needs to be addressed right away by those responsible for overseeing all things before the situation gets out of control and does more damage. Since I’m CEO and chief overseer of my life, I scheduled the meeting, put myself on the agenda, prepared a snack (strawberry kiwi collagen protein drink), and called the meeting to order. The agenda item? Moving out of the swirl

Give me Jesus


These words tumbled out of my heart today. I am praying them as a prayer for you, dear friend, as you live in your daily. Wherever you are and whatever you need . . . Jesus is there. Give Me Jesus When my worries are great, Remind me that you are greater. When everything seems so dark, Please bring me a ray of sunshine. When the world screams, Help me hold my tongue. When I feel forgotten, Nudge me and hold me tight. When life seems lonely,

My Words and Calvary Love

My Words and Calvary Love

Do you find this to be true too? It is almost impossible to refrain from complaining when I am doing burpees. Or any other form of exercise that requires me to jump up and down, do a push-up, and shoot my legs back, all within three seconds. When I worked out with my friend Jody at the Y, I typically made sure she knew how I felt about burpees and any other exercises that were hard work. Ugh! Nooo. I can’t! That many more? Whine, whine, whine,

When Life Becomes the List

When Life Becomes the List

Last Sunday afternoon I picked up one of the books I’ve written and started to re-read it. I know. That sounds kind of weird, right? Maybe it was the horrible Vikings game that seemed to drain the life right out of me. (Come on, Vikings! What on earth?) And of course, there’s all the stuff going on in the world that invites us to believe that Hope has walked out the door and bought a one-way ticket to Pluto. Meanwhile, my to-do list seems to be screaming

You are a Treasured Possession

You are a treasured posession

Hi, friend. There’s something on my heart I want to share with you. So, pull up a chair and I’ll scoot over next to you. Let’s think about this together. Our communities and states—perhaps even our homes—are filled with a lot of noise these days, aren’t they? On TV, in newspapers, conversations at work, discussions online (have mercy!). . . there is more focus on disagreement than our shared beliefs and values. I find myself wishing that people would just stop talking because so much of what

Fairy Tale Realities

God heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds. Psalm 147:3

I wonder how happy we would really be if we lived a fairy tale life. If we had the 18” waist, the long, thick hair that was sometimes styled into a perfect braid instead of a messy bun, perfect skin that didn’t know rosacea was a thing. If we walked through trees and wildflowers wearing tiny slippers that covered feet that didn’t have protruding bones or pinched toes, and an ankle-length dress that never got dirty, singing like an angel while butterflies perched on our shoulders. Well, that wouldn’t

The Synch Swimmers

The Synchronized Swimmers

Before I share some encouraging words with you here, I have exciting news to tell you! I sent the manuscript for my new book to my editor last week, and “Getting My Ducks in a Row and Other Stories of Faith” will be available later this Fall!  Whoo hoo!  This was a fun book to write—a collection of stories about faith lessons learned while … trying to get my ducks in a row! (Which, really, is that even possible?) Anyway. I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

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