Sigh. And sigh again.

Sigh. Can I say it again? Sigh. Do you find yourself exhaling as you say that word? Me too. And in my head, I say it in a whisper. There are some days that I just need to sigh. Exhale. Today has been one of those days. I know you and I want to know joy. We want to feel it in our bones. We want to wrap it around our hearts. And you know? Sometimes joy doesn’t show up in the giggles or the parties or

Open It!

I love football. Especially the Minnesota Vikings. And Peyton Manning. And Scottie Benedict. Scottie is my favorite youngest nephew and will always be my favorite athlete (QB) and even though neither he nor Peyton play football anymore, they are my favorites. Yes, I love football. Steve and I watched the Vikings-Packers game a few weeks ago. (Ooftah.) In the first few minutes of the game, the Packers fumbled, and we were instantly yards away from potentially scoring a touchdown. Steve said to anyone on the Vikings team

Let’s Go See!

This is one of my favorite essays. I never get tired of re-sharing it … I wonder how it felt to be a shepherd that holy night thousands of years ago. The night an angel appeared to them as they leaned on their walking sticks, checking their sling shots, while standing in sheep doo-doo. We have to believe that when “the glory of the Lord shone around them,” things got pretty bright, right? Can’t you just see them squinting, shading their eyes, while trying to figure out

Brightener or Bummer?

So I’m at mom’s, and I realize that my hands always look dusty. Like I’ve swirled them around in a little dirt. Then I notice that there is a light gray film over the tray table that holds my work files. And the white garbage can is displaying swirls of gray. I put on my Nancy Drew hat and pull out my magnifying glass. We have gray. On a lot of stuff in the apartment. No room is spared. Go figure! Fast forward a few hours to

One Thing Is Essential

Well, it’s that time of the year. We’re either extremely overwhelmed with the to-do lists, the shopping, the shoveling (Hello! We live in Minnesota!), the commitments, the coughs, and all the stuff… OR… We are talking about being overwhelmed with the to-do lists, the shopping, the shopping, the commitments, the coughs, and all the stuff. You think we would have learned last year, right? We can’t do everything. Not everything needs to be done. Most of us aren’t going to completely ignore all the things that make

Leave This Guest At Home

It’s the guest many of us bring to Thanksgiving dinner. The guest that can turn a beautiful get-together into frustrations and silent tears and sour attitudes. Expectations. Yup. Expectations. The guest we invite that all too often lets us down. We want the Norman Rockwell feast around the table with everyone using kind words. Everyone on time and helping. And our football team wins. But… The rolls get burned. The turkey is dry. Cousin Bobby sulks. Aunt Mary speaks harsh zingers. Half the group eats, burps, and

Tim McGraw and Commitment

As I’m listening to the podcast, I say to myself out loud … “Who does that?!” And then I respond (to myself) … “Tim McGraw does.” Country music superstar Tim McGraw was being interviewed about his book that just came out, “Grit and Grace.” Y’all, get this. (I used the word “y’all” because Tim is country and it just seemed appropriate to sound like I knew a bit about southern stuff.) Anyway … When he’s on tour, they have a semi trailer that hauls only their workout

Grain dust, Grasshoppers, and God

It is still my least favorite job in the history of the whole world. Standing in the back of dad’s 2-ton red truck during harvest, shoveling the grain down into the corners of the truck as fast as I could as it poured from our John Deere combine’s auger. It always seemed like it was 134˚ on those days. With no shade. And did I mention the crickets? Those horrible little creatures joined the ugly old grasshoppers and took up considerable space in the back of that

Enjoy Where You Are

The encouragement phrases like, “Live in the moment” and “Be fully present” can be a bit … uncomfortable sometimes. Perhaps even annoying. Right? But there is truth in them for sure. There is power in those statements. I share them with friends and groups. They are little lights along our path that lead us to living a full, rich life. I’m a fan. Here’s the deal … Showing up fully present, paying attention to the people and activity around me? It makes me a better person. A

Purple Hot Pants

School Carnival. Climax, Minnesota. 1973. It was an annual event where a king and queen were crowned, teachers got soaked in the dunk-‘em booth, cheap game prizes were won in the gym, and the cake walk was celebrated in the cafeteria. I wore a purple hot pants outfit. With a purple headband. And purple tights. The outfit was…purple. Good grief. Whatever was I thinking. Back then, I felt like royalty. Royalty wearing purple. The look made me feel beautiful…even a little trim. Now, it’s one of those

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