A Little Nudge

Obedience precedes revelation, Cliff Dahlen, Bethany Global University

Sometimes we need a little nudge, don’t we? When I’m feeling stuck or like I’m pacing in circles (perhaps even literally pacing in circles), I just need a little oomph or push to get me back on track and stop the slow spinning. Much of the time, my pacing is because I’m wondering about something in front of me. I’m trying to make decisions, but I don’t have all the information I need, or the significance of any of my choices loom large and I don’t want

Write a Fabulous Ending

You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending. Gaye Lindfors.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we each had a ghost writer writing our life story? If all we had to do was wake up and follow the script that was written for us? It would be an ideal day script filled with only happy scenes that tell us exactly what to do, where to go, what to wear, how to act, what to eat, who to see… you get the picture, right? But, nope. We write our own stories. We are the playwright, producer, stagehand, director, costume

Never Too Late

Have you had that kind of moment when your brain and your heart and your soul all join together to get your attention shouting “Hey, there, Buttercup! Let’s get back on track, shall we?” Yeah. Me too.  Your tension-fused emotions are driving your actions and they are making everyone around you – and you – feel like they’ve entered the Twilight Zone. Your need for comfort food has hit new proportions. The couch has become a permanent home and TV reruns are your best friends. Scrolling Facebook

Life Updates

The Best is Yet to Come

This week’s note is a little different. I’m sharing some quick thoughts from my Morning Time, a few life updates, and letting you know I’m writing a new book! Thank you for being here. Have you had the type of morning when you just can’t seem to get settled? I absolutely love sitting in my blue chair looking out my window just after the sun comes up, opening up my study books and Bible with great anticipation of talking with God.  But this morning? Everything felt …

Rest. Take a Break.

I wrote this early last year, but it’s really been on my heart again. I think someone could use these words… I’m starting a new workout program. Have mercy. It involves a lot of fancy steps and it moves faaaaast. I spend most of the time trying to stay on my feet, watch the online trainer, listen to the instructions, and breathe. There is nothing pretty about my performance. The program only lasts 20 minutes, but I’m exhausted when it’s done. All I want to do is

Find the Fun!

You know that fun thing you’ve always wanted to try? Go and do it. You know that fun thing you used to do before you got “too busy” or “too old?” Go and do it again. Maybe it’s time to stop waiting for the perfect time to do that fun dream. That one that has lived so quietly inside a corner of your heart for too long. Maybe it’s time to let go of the excuses. Maybe it’s time to move through your fear. Maybe it’s time

Cheese and Pickle Sandwiches

Some days it feels like I’ve sat down at a summer picnic, enjoying a juicy cheeseburger with ketchup and onion and relish, paired up with Ruffle chips, sweet potato salad, Bread & Butter pickles, and tangy baked beans. Everything feels perfect. Other days, it feels like the heavens opened and life offered a spectacular treat—bubbly Hawaiian pizza and Special-K bars made with just the right amount of chocolate chips. Life is exceptionally tasty. Dreamy. True bliss. And of course, there are those days that feel like I’m

I See You

We were celebrating my nephew’s birthday. Danny was turning two. His afternoon was filled with little kids’ birthday party favorites — cake, presents, streamers, lots of noise – attention. I realized I hadn’t seen his older brother around, so I went looking for 4-year old David. I found him sitting on the top step of the stairway, removed from the celebration, crying his little heart out. Through deep staccato sobs and a snotty nose, David explained, “It’s hard for someone like me when it’s not my birthday.”

A Fresh Start

The Best Time for a FRESH Start is NOW!

I love fresh starts. If I don’t like what I’m writing, I hit the delete key and start again. If my hair is having a bad day, my comb winds its way through and I start again. If my hamburger dish doesn’t turn out…well, I just throw that out. The thing about fresh starts is this … At some point, we have to change our response to what’s cringing, disappointing, or frustrating before we can start again. Right? Continuing to stay with what’s not working, staying in

Pack the Lunch

Be faithful in small things

“If only I knew what was going to happen next…” “It’s hard to plan when I don’t know what work or life is going to look like…” “The disagreements on what’s the right thing to do are making my head spin…” I bet you’ve heard some of these comments lately, as we all try and figure out what we believe is best for our families and communities. Even without a global pandemic taking away so much of what we know and love, it’s easy to struggle when

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