A Soft Place To Land

Man, oh man. It was one of those nightmares that you just can’t wake up from. That night, mine didn’t include falling off cliffs and people weren’t chasing me with chainsaws. This bad dream seemed more “every day.” In my nightmare that never seemed to end, I was at a conference in a very large convention center. I had gotten separated from my group and I was frantically wandering hallways and stairwells to try and find someone I knew. My purse had been stolen along with my

Make a Fresh Start

It's never too late to begin again.

I love do-overs. If I don’t like what I’m writing, I hit the delete key and “do-over.” If my hair is having a bad day, my brush winds its way through and creates a “do-over.” If my chicken dish doesn’t turn out…well, I just throw that out. Wouldn’t it be freeing if we could “do-over” or throw out some of life’s moments that make us cringe? Stupid decisions we made. Hurtful comments we shared. Hot pants worn. “What on earth were you thinking, girl?” None of us

Make Time for Happy

Make Time for Happy from Gaye Lindfors

Dorothy was a hoot! I met her at a women’s retreat. She was wearing a beautiful cobalt blue blouse while she told me about her grandchildren. When I complimented her on her blouse, she said, “Well, my hair color changed this month and I had to find something to match it. I usually mix different hair colors, but this month I ran out of all of them. So, I just mixed what was left of everything I had. Now my hair color changes every day!” And then…she

One Decision Can Change It

Live the story you want to tell, from Gaye Lindfors

Have you found yourself in this predicament? In this storyline? I have … We scroll through Instagram. Scroll through Facebook. Sometimes while eating ice cream. Often while eating ice cream. We get lost in our books – the heartbreak, romance, drama, redemption. We are simultaneously repulsed by and captivated by reality TV. (Have mercy!) We dream of homey country kitchens and cute gadgets as we watch the cooking shows. (Have you seen Master Chef Junior?  Oh my word. Those ahhhmazing kids can cook with food I’ve never

The Chicken Fat Song

Image showing road sign for "Memory Lane" from Gaye Lindfors' The Chicken Fat Song

It is a moment that cannot be erased from my memory bank, even after 45+ years. It was Phy. Ed class back in the 1960’s in the Climax School gymnasium. We had to wear a one-piece navy blue gym uniform with elastic around the waist, elastic around the thighs, and snaps up the front. Absolutely nothing attractive or flattering about it. Really? Are you serious? As if that wasn’t humiliating enough, we had to exercise to the music of … wait for it … the “Chicken Fat”

Breathing Deeply

Oh, the plans! The goals! The lists! The git-er-done before the sun comes up focus! Nothing can stop me! And then … OVERWHELM. The word itself creates a feeling, doesn’t it? Especially the “whelm” part. I feel my arms filled with large, heavy, grey rocks that weigh me down from the muscles in my neck, through my back, and into my calves. They’re boulders, actually. More weight than I can realistically carry. I keep trying to move them to … someplace … and I don’t consider that

The Season of White Legs

It’s that season… The one that comes every year when the snow is gone in Minnesota. The Season of White Legs. I haven’t gotten around to creating a bucket list yet. But if I had one, you can bet “tan legs” would be on mine. Every year I hope…wish…dream…and wonder if a miracle will surprise me and pigment will show up in my legs. Hasn’t happened in a real long time. Even when a farmer’s tan appears on my arms and face… My legs stay white. Pure

Today Will be a Great Day

OK. So here’s the deal. From my heart to yours. Isn’t it time we stop saying stupid stuff to ourselves? (“You really are a mess, aren’t you? Uggh. Nothing will ever change—why even try? I’m just tired of everything. Nothing good is ever going to happen again. This mess will never get fixed.”) Stupid stuff that isn’t true and isn’t helpful. Instead, how about if we start speaking life and hope into our lives? We can do that, you know. Even those of us who are Midwestern

The Anchor Holds

The day started out pretty well. My Bible and prayer time in the morning was encouraging and meaningful. My exercising got done and I felt the results (ooftah). And then when I got into the day, I started … roaming. Wandering around the house. Up and down, room to room, opening and closing the fridge door, flipping through books, scrolling through my phone. There was work to be done, but my mind would not get focused. My thoughts felt like the little steel ball that flies around

Time for the Annual Switch

Listen! Do you hear it? It’s a melodic strain that sounds like humming birds bringing lightness, sweetness and gleefulness. It will get louder and even brighter over the next few days…you’ll hear harmony, giggles, energy, and emotion. If you live in the Midwest, throw open your windows and lean around the screen door and listen for it. If you aren’t a blizzard – road construction – mosquito resident, tilt your head towards Minnesota and turn your ears our way. You’ll hear it…listen for it… It’s the sound of Girlfriends all

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