Yes vs No…with people pleasing in-between

I love when this happens.

My mind and heart have been considering what I must say “No” to, in order to say “Yes” to what’s most important. And since writing Monday’s blog post, this theme keeps popping up!

Lysa TerKeurst posted a “People-Pleasing” note on her site, Leading Women in the Adventure of Faith ( The fear of disappointing others sometimes prompts her to say “Yes” when “No” is the appropriate response.

I love this statement:
“Every “yes” will cost me something.
Every “no” carries with it the potential for disappointment.”

Perhaps you share the fears Lysa describes, and the fears I experience…we are afraid of what will happen if we let someone else down. We don’t want them to get angry. Or stop liking us. Or get mad at us. So, we just keep saying “Yes.”

And that is really never a good idea.

Why do you say “Yes” when you know that “No” is the best answer?

I’d love to hear from you…We’re all figuring it out together!

P.S. On Wednesdays, my post focuses on “Girlfriends” (Encouragement for the Journey).  In honor of today’s “Wednesday’s Girlfriends” focus, may I encourage you to check out Lysa’s blog and website? I think you’ll want to add her to your online Favorites!


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