I am so excited to tell you about my new favorite magazine

Women Sharing Real Stories of Truth, Hope & Love
It’s definitely a God, Girlfriends, & Chocolate kind of magazine.

The magazine’s founder, Laine Lawson Craft, has created a great mix of stories, wisdom shared, lifestyle, food, home, etc.  It’s written by women, for women. And it’s all from a faith perspective. As Laine writes in her editor’s note, “Our passion is to be transparent so that together at WHOAwomen we love the life God gave us and give Him all the glory for making a way for victory in all circumstances.”

Regular contributors include Lisa Osteen Comes, Kerri Pomarolli (she’ll be with us at our Refine Conference in September!), Lisa Bevere, Angie Smith (wife of Todd Smith from the group Selah), Julie Hadden from The Biggest Loser a few seasons ago, and a bunch of other fabulous women of faith.

It is published only four times a year. The summer edition is on shelves now at Barnes & Noble and a lot of other bookstores and stores. Former Miss America, Debbye Turner Bell, is featured on the cover. Her interview is titled, “Her Story – His Glory.”

This magazine is worth checking out. It’s one that I savor…I never want to be “done” reading it! It could be a great read for your end-of-the-summer “relaxing in the breeze” time.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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