Trust the God Behind the Promise

While driving down the freeway yesterday, distracted by worries, concerns, and “fretfulness,” I head myself whisper,
 “God, thank you for still being You.”

My heart was a little heavy with sadness…caring about hurting and sick people, and tough, real-life situations that I can’t fix.  And for a moment, they just seemed so big.  Too big.


It was hard to find hope in the promises I know God has made to me.
My prayers seemed so repetitious.  “Haven’t I prayed this before?”
(Perhaps you can relate?)

And that’s when I heard myself whisper…
“God, thank you for still being You.”

The words came from my lips without thinking about it.

And while driving down Highway 694, I decided – chose – to focus on Who He Is.
The Lord of Lords and The King of Kings.
This is Someone Who Cares About Me.
Loves Me.
Someone Who Does Not Want My Heart to be Heavy.

I started looking at, and trusting, the God Behind the Promises.
I spoke His characteristics from behind my steering wheel.
Thanking Him and praising Him for Who He Is.

As my focus turned to Him, my heart grew lighter.
I reconnected with this God Who Loves Me Most.
And as He and I reconnected, His promises seemed more real.

Are you wondering today if God’s promises will show up in your life?
I get the question.
And I know the answer.

Yes.  They will.

 “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.”  (Hebrews 10:23)



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