The Girlfriends. The Cards.

The Girlfriends.
The funny cards.
The warm messages.

I love staying in touch using “old fashioned” greeting cards in the mail.  (We still do that, right?)
And finding the really funny card or notecard with the perfect message?  My day is made.  My collection grows.
(By the way…although the messages don’t fit into my card boxes…delivering emails, posting Facebook messages, and Tweeting my “thinking of you” notes feels so good when I hit that Send button.)

But ooftah.  I have not been doing that well.  For way too many months.

Life has gotten busy.  Birthdays have been missed.  Celebration connections have been late or passed by.

So I need to get back into a routine.
(One of my first bosses–and one of my favorite bosses!–Pastor Doug Fagerstrom taught me this routine.  He was a master at staying in touch with people through cards.)

I will set aside 20 minutes on Sunday afternoon or evening. (Great activity while watching football!)
Check my calendar and see who has a birthday two weeks out.
Pick out the card (my very favorite part!), write the personal note (another favorite part!), stick it in the envelope, and address it.
Then.  In the spot where the stamp goes – write the date I want to send the card that week in pencil.
Set the cards on my desk.
Each day I send the card whose date says “Send me today!” (With a stamp on it.)
You could even do this on a monthly basis, but I like making sure my personal notes are “in the moment.”
(SendOut cards has mastered this, right?)

I love this.
It gives me a routine, and keeps the card sending process personal and heartfelt.
And when an email, post, or Tweet seems more spontaneous, more public, or more fun…I note it on my calendar.  And hit Send on that day.

It is just so much fun to stay in touch, isn’t it?  Thanks for connecting here this week!

Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being.  Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled the light.”  — Albert Schweitzer


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