This is Livin’!

Life is good.
I believe that with every fiber in my being.  I believe that good things happen to everybody. That love exists, God is faithful, and grace and mercy are ours for the asking.

The trouble is, people and messy moments can get in the way.

So, I’m learning. Learning how to reconcile my core belief that life is good with the not-so-good and you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me moments.  I wrote the stories in this book to help me find my way. It’s a collage of moments where I’ve experienced life from different places, and have used those moments to question and then steady my faith.  And often, to try and find the humor.

And in each of the pages, I hear my dad’s voice clearly…
“This is livin’! Don’t miss the moments, Gaye.”

Thank you for connecting with me here, and for celebrating this new book with me. You are invited to grab a copy, find a comfy chair, and put your feet up. Settle in. Peek into my soul as I share some of my story.

This is how I roll… Learning to move from messy moments to happy places.

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  1. Just ordered your book and I’m excited to read it. You have inspired me since the first time meeting you at Concordia University back in 2003-2004. My life has taken so many twist and turns but I keep the faith, literally!! Gods love has saved me. Thank you Gaye for all you do and for all you give to those who come in contact with you. Peace. Maxine

  2. Oh, Maxine! I remember you and your classmates so well. It was a fabulous group! It’s so nice to stay in touch. I hope you enjoy “This is Livin’!” God is faithful. Always.

  3. Gaye, I am just barely into your new book and am loving it already! I am so honored to be your friend. You write just like you are speaking to the reader personally! You have an amazing gift. Your “Ooftah” or “Uff da” are so fun. We get the message ha ha I am a Jacobson Norskey too spelled with a “s-o-n”. You keep me laughing. God bless you always,
    Mary with a Lou

  4. Oh, my friend! Your words are so encouraging. Thank you. It’s always such a joy laughing with you. I am grateful for our friendship. Much love to you!

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