Something Wonderful is About to Happen

I’m always surprised when I don’t die when I’m exercising. Especially when it involves burpees. I don’t like burpees, and I don’t believe our bodies were meant to do them.

My morning exercise time is only 30-40 minutes, but the way I carry on, you’d think that I’d been at it for 37 hours with no break. (And I can’t begin to count the number of times that I flop to the floor, and dramatically whisper through parched lips as if it’s my last breath, I caaaaan’t!)

I have forgotten …
Exercising is a temporary event.

For 40 minutes I believe I’m going to die on the bedroom carpet from sheer exhaustion in a sweaty t-shirt and long shorts. When the paramedics arrive, they will stand over me, shake their heads, and sigh, It was the burpees. She should have known better. Poor thing.

I struggle with something similar with my mom. She gets so miserable sometimes, especially when she’s a little confused or not feeling well. I get anxious and worried and wonder what I can do to make her feel better. Fretting is my emotion of choice in those moments. Well, fretting and anxiety. And impatience. And weariness.

Then she eventually falls asleep and wakes up a few hours later feeling very different. She’s praising Jesus because she’s so relaxed and warm and comfortable and she “doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Her misery was fleeting.

It is moments that create our lives.
And I have to remember that moments are … moments.
Moments are not forever.

Workouts and rough nights? They are … moments.

That really hard stuff that happens? It will eventually change. I’m not going to do burpees forever, and mom will eventually feel better. The intensity of the moment is going to pass.

And yes, I know. Some of the hard stuff is around for the long haul. Alzheimer’s doesn’t go away. But there are moments when memory is better, and life isn’t so challenging. The intensity decreases, and we relish those peaceful pauses.

So. As I’ve been processing this idea of really messy moments, here’s what’s carrying me …
Moments are moments. The tough ones will eventually turn into not-so-tough-ones, even if they don’t completely fade away.

I’m learning to figure out what I need to get through those tough moments. Then I ask God to provide it. And He does. Always. Sometimes I need peace. Most of the time I need patience. I need a compassionate spirit. (And in the burpee moments, I simply need strength and mental fortitude and a big drink of water.)

Messy moments? They will come.
Better moments? They will most certainly come.

I’m taking a deep breath today. Finding my breath of fresh air.
Meeting God in the messy and relishing the peaceful pauses.

I’m living in the moment…
Believing that something wonderful is about to happen.

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