One Decision Can Change It

Have you found yourself in this predicament? In this storyline?

I have …

We scroll through Instagram. Scroll through Facebook. Sometimes while eating ice cream. Often while eating ice cream.

We get lost in our books – the heartbreak, romance, drama, redemption.

We are simultaneously repulsed by and captivated by reality TV. (Have mercy!)

We dream of homey country kitchens and cute gadgets as we watch the cooking shows. (Have you seen Master Chef Junior?  Oh my word. Those ahhhmazing kids can cook with food I’ve never even heard of!!)

We are watching others live their lives. We are observers. Intrigued with their every day (but sometimes not even close to reality) lives.  Even the really stupid shows that make absolutely no sense command our attention. They are like a bad traffic accident – we can’t look away.

But wouldn’t it be more exciting and more fulfilling to be participants? Engaged in our own lives? Living and doing and experiencing, rather than watching and wishing and dreaming?

Scrolling and observing and watching are great pastimes. I mean, have you been to the airport? To the mall? People watching at its best. But when that becomes a bit much, when we live vicariously through other’s experiences, we are cheating ourselves. We are missing out.

When I caught myself getting tangled in this web of watching instead of experiencing, I started asking myself the question …

Am I living the story I want to tell?

And every time I asked myself that question, I responded (to myself, of course) …

But my story’s kind of done. I’m too old to keep working on my dreams of what could be, or to change my story. The best years are behind me. It’s too late.

Good grief.

When did that belief take up residence and create a zip code in my brain?

The best part about stories is that they can change in a flash. One decision. One sentence. One new character. One change of scenery. Cue the change in music! Everything can change.

Just like life. Life can FEEL and BE different, with just one change.

Oh my. Just thinking about that sparks a little sunshine in my soul. You too?

We are never, ever, ever, ever too old, or too poor, or too heavy, or too sick, to stop writing our story. To change our life.

During these lazy days of summer that really are nothing remotely close to being lazy, I’m considering my story more thoughtfully. I am remembering that I’m one decision, one choice, one new activity away from changing my life. For the better, or for the more miserable. Every single day I am making choices that take me in a specific direction. A path towards something.

I’m observing AND experiencing. Spending more time on experiencing though.

I’m being intentional about my choices. Will this choice bring me Joy? Health? Hope? Will it add a page to my story that is filled with memories that make me smile? Or will it keep me in a state of lethargy and weariness? A page of dull and drab?

Here in Minnesota when we have our very few days of not-frigid temperatures, doesn’t this seem like the perfect time to move? Walk? Write? Go to the Farmer’s Market? Eat lunch with a friend at the cafe? Look at the stars? Take one step to making a dream come true?

Yea. I think so too.


Today you and I can make one choice, one decision, that changes our storyline. That can change how we feel.

Let’s choose to live life.
Let’s live the story we want to tell.

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