Look for the Color

For your consideration …

Is life looking a little gray?

Try making this little shift …

Look for the color.

Literally. Look for the colors around you.

When we start seeing bright colors, we wake up! Things seem more interesting. Life looks different.

The reminder came to me as I sat in the corner chair in mom’s apartment. 

It had been a long night of ups-and-downs as mom tried to fall asleep. Looking out the window I saw clouds and rain. Gray. My day was scheduled too tightly. Gray. I was tired. Gray. 

My little world was … gray. 

And I realized, I didn’t like the color gray. Not one bit. 

So. I decided to stop thinking about the gray and to start looking for the color. 

And it worked!

It’s sooooo easy to let the gray influence our emotions, permeate our thoughts, and paint our vision for the day, isn’t it?

So let’s not let it.

Let’s look for and focus on the colors. They’re there! 

I sat in that corner chair looking out the window and saw …

The orange VW that sits in mom’s parking lot.

The rust-colored mulch draped at the bottom of the tree on the corner.

The baby blue blanket on the chair across the room.

The green veggie dicing board on the kitchen counter.

Mom’s yellow sweatshirt.

Silk Pajama nail color on my toes. (I know. Fancy, right?)

The red cardinal on the tree branch.

Color. It was all around me.

I’m not kidding you. I simply started looking for color and my attitude, my mood, my focus changed.

You know, sometimes it’s easier than we think to move out of the gray. Sometimes it just requires a change in what we’re looking for.

Look for the color.


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