Making One Good Decision

My intentions are good.  My business objectives are clear.  Get my three high-value activities taken care of to ensure I’m focusing on the things that matter most.  Those things that will move my business forward.  And yet, the distractions are endless.

Emails are calling my name.  The phone is ringing with urgent (not most important) questions.  My to-do list spirals in my head like a roller coaster.  I’m sprinting on a mental treadmill that’s not getting me anywhere.

I know what work to do—the right choice is clear—and yet I keep churning.

Why is that?

Sometimes my inability to choose the right activity is because I’m tired, or hungry, or I’m focusing on the wrong high-value activity.  Most of the time?  It’s because I’ve thrown discipline out the window.  It’s simply a matter of choice.  I think it might be a little rebellion.  I’m tired of working so I want to play.  But I can’t play because I know that’s the wrong way to spend my time.  So I sit somewhere in-between.  Not working, not playing, just moving things around.

“Moving things around” doesn’t align with my definition of living intentionally.

Here’s what I’ve learned.  If I do even one of those high-value activities I should be focusing on, I get encouraged and it motivates me to make one more good decision.  And that leads to one more good decision and soon I’m soon back in a healthy, productive work pattern.

Changing my pattern needs to begin with just one choice.

What would I do if I were ten times bolder (my theme for 2010)?  I will break my not-helpful work pattern and choose to make one good decision.

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