God and my Tweets

So everyone is all a-buzz (or all a-tweet?) about Twitter.  “You need to get on Twitter!”  “Twitter is amazing!”  “You need to be on Twitter if you have your own business.”

I just keep wondering where I’d find the time to tweet, blog, advise, teach, write, play, read, coach…and, oh yea, talk with my husband!

Here’s the other hesitation I have about tweeting: are people really interested in my one sentence comment about my life?

The funny thing is, they are.

Since I’ve been contemplating moving out of my comfort zone and into the land of tweets, it has become clear that people love sharing their thoughts in public.  Duh.  Look at the editorials, blogs, talk radio, opinion pages, etc.  People want to share.  And we’re looking for the audience that will listen.

How cool is this:  no one enjoys listening to our moment-by-moment tweets more than God.  He longs to hear me say, “Hi, God.  It’s me, Gaye.  Let me tell you what just happened.”

Isn’t that just splendid?

What will you tweet to God today?  He’s waiting to hear from you.  And you don’t even have to register a profile to get His attention.

What would I do if I were ten times bolder (my theme for 2010)?  I’d tweet.  To God and a broader audience.

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