Live Your Story Well

Wouldn’t it be cool if we each had a ghostwriter writing our life story?

If all we had to do was wake up and follow the script that was written for us? The ideal day script filled with only happy scenes that tells us exactly what to do, where to go, what to wear, how to act, what to eat, who to see… you get the picture, right?

But, nope. We write our own stories. We are the playwright, producer, stagehand, director, costume designer, and lead character in the story we write each day. (I think “costume designer” is the role that scares me the most. My sense of style? Good grief. It will never be something I write down when the workshop facilitator says, “Write down three things you’re really good at.” It wouldn’t be on the list if she said “433 things.”)

Anyway …

There are some mornings when I wake up and I’m excited about what the day will bring. I have energy. I’m well rested. I know my role, and I know my cues. All the other characters do exactly what they’re supposed to do in the story. And at curtain call, I give myself a standing ovation.

But then there are the other mornings. I fret. I worry. I feel bloated and frumpy. I don’t remember my lines, the script changes with no warning, and the costume doesn’t fit. The show threatens to close before Act 2 Scene 1 is over.

As painful as some of those days have been, I’ve learned something from those productions…

Sometimes, it takes only ONE THING.

Have you noticed in the movies that one single look, or one single word, or one single scene can completely change the storyline? Yeah, I’ve seen it too.

Just like our stories. Our lives.

When I need to change my perspective or my energy or my attitude…I find ONE THING that will start a new scene that day. ONE THING that will get my story back on track – living the story I want to tell.

Sometimes it means I just get up and have a big glass of water.
Or I walk around the block. (Or walk up and down the stairs when it’s -12˚ in Minnesota in February.)
Sometimes my ONE THING is to pick up a devotional book. One I haven’t read from in a while.

To change my story—change my day—I don’t have to commit to doing a juice fast in the next six hours. I don’t have to run a marathon. I don’t have to check everything off my to do list. I can simply eat an apple. Take a walk. Accomplish one important to-do.

The thing is …
I can re-write my story anytime I want because I am its author.
I can change the scene and change the story → change my day and change my life.

What’s the ONE THING you can do today to change the direction of your story?
Do it.
Then go buy yourself a beautiful bouquet of roses, take a bow, and listen to your soul’s applause.

Let’s live the story we want to tell.

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