He Reached and Pulled

My chiropractor. My dentist. A Geek Squad Agent.

If I am ever sent to a remote island to live for a year, or actually, if I was sent anywhere to live for any amount of time, and I could take only three “professional services” kind of people with me, that’s who I’d take.

Yup. I figure that between the three of them, they could fix anything that happens to me.

If I could bring only one chapter from the Bible with me? Psalm 18.

Have you read this chapter lately? I mean, really. It’s filled with stuff that movie producers dream of. Drama. Action. Compassion. Love. Terror. Heartache. Redemption. A happy ending.

First of all, right off the bat, David describes God in such powerful words.

Our God is our Rock. Our Fortress. Deliverer. Shield. Stronghold. A place of refuge.

He is BIG and STRONG and CAPABLE beyond what our human minds can comprehend!

And then … scroll down to verse 6 …

We are reminded …

God hears our cries. With his ears! (Don’t you just love that emphasis? I think David wants to make sure we get this.)

This Really Big God does not give us his attention sometimes. He is not distracted from what’s going on in our lives.

He. Hears. Us.

And then … He shows up. Big time!

Our God does not hope He can get to us in time. He does.

He does not respond like the driver of an under-powered automobile with a lawn mower engine and gas sputtering out of its tailpipe, held together with band-aids, limping along during freeway rush hour traffic, honking his horn, hoping the cars will slow down, rolling down his window and yelling out, “Excuse me! You – the big Dodge Ram 2500 over there – could you please give me a lift? I have a friend who needs me.”


Our God parts the heavens to get to us! He flies – He soars!

Bolts of lightning and hailstones clear the way! Arrows scatter the enemies in front of him. He parts the water! And get this … the breath from his nostrils make way!

NOTHING gets in His way when we need Him.

And WHY does He do this? Why does He show up when He hears our cries?

Because He delights in us.

He loves us. He cares about us. He knows exactly what’s going on in our lives.

And He shows up.

Scroll down some more to verse 19 …

He moves heaven and earth to reach down and pull us out of the pit we’re in and move us to a spacious place. A place where we can breathe. Where we can relax our shoulders. Where He wipes our tears away.

My friend, don’t for one second forget that God is God.

Strong. Compassionate. Fearless. Mighty. Loving.


Are you feeling discouraged? God has amazing plans for you.

Fearful? God is right there with you.

Heartbroken? God is in the business of healing broken hearts.

God hears your cry.

God rescues you.

Because He delights in you.

“But me he caught — reached all the way from sky to sea; he pulled me out…”

(Psalm 18:16)


  1. Hi Gaye!

    Been a Lonnnnng time. I wondered which version of the Bible you are using in your blog?

    Loved the post.


    Kathleen Heger ( nee Reedy)

  2. Hello, my friend! I usually use The New International Version, and every once in awhile I’ll use The Message. (And then I indicate it’s The Message version.)
    It’s so nice to stay connected with you!

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