You are Significant!

You are significant. God has determined your worth; He has called you for a purpose no one else can fulfill. Your life matters.

Keeping Commitments: The Morning Wake-up Call

It’s that moment of decision. I’m in that beautiful state of relaxation.  It’s warm under the covers.  My breathing is steady and slow.  Every muscle has decided to relax. But it’s time to get up. This is where the day starts for all of us.  Making a decision. Do I keep the commitment I made to myself about getting out of bed so I have time for devotions, preparing for the day, and eating my oatmeal?  Or do I give in to the bliss of slumber and

Jesus was a Person — With Good Days and Bad Days

Jesus was a person with good days and bad days. He understands our pain, our hurts and disappointments. He promises redemption and new beginnings. That’s the life-changing message of Easter.

Laurie Beth Radio Show | Gaye Lindfors talks about workplace culture

March 29, 2010 Best selling author, Laurie Beth Jones, interviews Gaye Lindfors on “Creating an Organization where Managers and Employees Want to Show up!” Listen online or download here

Honoring our Faith Traditions

Last week my friend and I had a delightful conversation about our faiths.  She is preparing for Passover, with all the rituals, dietary commitments, and readings that she and her Jewish family participate in.  I am looking forward to Maunday Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday, with their pageantry, emotions, and reminders of God’s faithfulness. There are some differences in our beliefs.  But the same core elements—traditions—are included. Our focus is on God the Deliverer.  The Word is central to our worship.  And we usually share this

Honoring the Lead Character in your Story

Louise Griffith is a friend of mine in the National Speaker’s Association. We share the same perspective on our individual ability to change our stories.  She spoke at a Christian Business Women’s Fellowship lunch, sharing her story. With her permission, I am sharing her thoughts. “It’s time to honor the person you really are.  It’s time to stop pretending that you are less of a person than you are. You are more than enough! You have the resources inside you to be all you want to be.

Writing Your Story

One of my favorite times of the day in grade school was right after lunch.  That was when Marlys Johnson would come into our classroom and tell us stories.  She was one of those high schoolers who was so cool—and so old.  (Ha!) As part of the school’s speech program, she would appear and hold our focused attention for about seven minutes.  Her stories were about far-away places and people we’d never met.  The characters in her stories always seemed to have such amazing lives.  Far more

Today is Denae’s Birthday

Today I’m celebrating my friend Denae’s birthday.  We’ve known each other for about 50 years.  I grew up in Climax, Minnesota, a small farming community in The Red River Valley.  Population 310.  Denae lived across the river on a farm in North Dakota. There were 28 kids in our class.  (We were the big class.)  Everyone knew everyone.  It was the best of small town living, and had its moments of the worst of small town living. One of the best gifts I’ve ever received came from

How to avoid job search burnout | Kare 11 interviews Gaye Lindfors

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — We’re just a few weeks into the new year, but for many job seekers, these weeks are extending what has become a very old job search. How can you stay motivated and keep your job search energized when your weeks of unemployment are turning into months or even years? Gaye Lindfors, a strategic business advisor and author of Find a Job: The Little Book for Big Success offers several suggestions for coping with job search burn-out. 1) Always remember: you are significant. Your unemployment

Making One Good Decision

My intentions are good.  My business objectives are clear.  Get my three high-value activities taken care of to ensure I’m focusing on the things that matter most.  Those things that will move my business forward.  And yet, the distractions are endless. Emails are calling my name.  The phone is ringing with urgent (not most important) questions.  My to-do list spirals in my head like a roller coaster.  I’m sprinting on a mental treadmill that’s not getting me anywhere. I know what work to do—the right choice is

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