You Have Cheerleaders!

Your cheerleading squad is ready and waiting.
Already cheering your name while waiving their pompoms.
Just waiting for you to notice them.
For real. Even in the little stuff.

When life’s big stuff hits, we are grateful for the outpouring of support.
Dinners are delivered. Visitors hover in hospital waiting rooms. Someone shows up to clean the house. The cards and calls remind us that someone cares.
That’s how it should be.

We need the caring, the attention, the cheerleading, when a bunch of life’s little stuff is showing up.

Life happens, and we feel overwhelmed. It’s the little stuff that piles up. Too many demands. Not enough time. Each moment seems to bring another disappointment or bad news or bill that can’t be paid or harsh words. The heart is already weary and another life moment could just be too much.

It’s not a terminal illness or death or tragedy…
It’s life.  Life made up of moments that wear us out.
Moments that are getting the best of us.

The trouble is, when it’s just little stuff, we feel guilty if we ask for help or voice our weakness.  “Because someone else has it a whole lot worse.” They are the people who should be getting the help. So we keep all our stuff, stuffed.
Right?  I think so.

May I please remind you – and me! – that there are cheerleaders all around you just waiting to grab their megaphones and waive their pompoms.  For YOU.
They may not do cartwheels and flips and spell your name with their arms and their legs…
They may simply show up with a word or a look or a hug. Just for YOU.

I saw a cheerleader in my chiropractor yesterday.
Mom and I were out for a drive and I stopped by her office to get the instructions for a gall bladder flush. {Yeah, I know. This should be interesting.}
She took the time to come out to the car and say hi to mom.
That meant something.

I saw a cheerleader in my client colleague this morning.
Sitting with her in a meeting, I was reminded of how supportive she is of my business.
Her encouragement and partnership brings life and energy and joy to my world of work.
That meant something.

Look around you, Friend.
You have cheerleaders.  Listen to them. Hear their encouragement.

You don’t have to walk alone through your just little stuff frustrations.
The little stuff matters. And it is OK to ask the cheerleaders to give you a little pep talk.

Clap your hands!
Stomp your feet!
You’re my friend and
You can’t be beat!

{OK. That’s pretty lame. But it’s the best I could do. You get the point, right? Go, Friend, Go!!}

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