Writing Your Story

One of my favorite times of the day in grade school was right after lunch.  That was when Marlys Johnson would come into our classroom and tell us stories.  She was one of those high schoolers who was so cool—and so old.  (Ha!)

As part of the school’s speech program, she would appear and hold our focused attention for about seven minutes.  Her stories were about far-away places and people we’d never met.  The characters in her stories always seemed to have such amazing lives.  Far more interesting than our own.

I think about the stories we create with our lives.  Some days, we like our stories.  Other days, we would give away our last piece of chocolate to have someone else’s story.  Right?  Right.

Our story is a result of every choice and decision we make.  That means that we can change our story.  We have that power.  That choice.

If the main character in my story (that, of course, would be me) is exhausted and feeling frumpy, I can change the character.  And by changing the character, I change the story.

All that is required is making different decisions.  Get more sleep.  Eat healthier, more energizing foods. Different decisions – different lead character – different story.

What would I do if I were ten times bolder (my theme for 2010)?  I will choose to make decisions that create a lead character in my story that is healthy, energized, and a little less frumpy!

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