Who needs to change?

[A note from Gaye: Thank you for the guest post, Teri Johnson!]

Do you believe others need to change? OR do YOU?

For years, I thought everyone else needed to change.  I can remember back in 2002 reading Dr. Phil McGraw’s book, Relationship Rescue.  I needed a relationship rescue in a serious way at the time so the book came in handy.  That was the first time it sunk in for me that I NEEDED to change.  Blaming someone else for my “issues” wasn’t the answer and…

 …I was not a victim.

I was still in my 20’s, very late 20’s, I had just given birth to my second child and thought ok, let me work on this.

I CHANGE.  I read that I needed to change my reaction to get a different response.  So, that I did, it worked!  The relationship I desired to see change in, was changing because I was changing; it was good!

But, it was short lived and it didn’t last long.  Eventually I went back to my old behaviors and experienced the same old responses to my same old reactions. bummer.

I still believe the “law of change” {my un-official law, based on experience}:

  • Nobody can change you.  Why? Because your brain only listens to you.
  • You can-not change others.  Why? Because they only listen to themselves.
  • You can only change yourself.  Why?  Because you only listen to you.
  • As you change, those around you change as a reaction to all of the changes in you.

Here I am today, in my late 30’s – it took me about 10 years to get this change thing down and I’m still working on it!  The difference between now and then is this:

 I am intentional about my change.

I’m focused on where I want to be and who I want to be.  I look forward and strive to be the change I want to see.  I’ve experienced growth in many areas of my life discovering what I want, need, think, and feel.  finally.  What I’ve discovered is the only way to get to the goal, things changing…

 is for me to CHANGE.

The “drive-thru” mentality that many people have, even me at times, doesn’t work with change.  It’s a process, it takes time and to sustain the changes, I need to be intentional about it every day by equipping myself.

Some people fear change and believe that it is bad, not me, I’m all about change!  Change can can open doors to new opportunity and growth — change can allow us to experience a new freedom and new joy.  But, it’s up to me, I mean, it’s up to you.  It’s up to us individually.  I say, bring it on.

Question:  Where are you at with change?  Is it something you fear?  Something you think others need to do?  OR Is it for you?  If so, how will you sustain it?  How can you be intentional to get to where you’re going?

Teri Johnson is a writer, speaker, and sought-after personal growth expert. She enjoys running and taking pictures. Great conversations while sipping coffee and soaking up as many sunsets as she can, make her tick. She’s passionate about helping others; an encourager and a cheerleader to many. Teri lives a joy-filled life deeply devoted to her husband, her two boys, and her relationship with God.
www.TeriJohnson.com and www.KeepingItPersonal.com

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