What would you do if you were Ten Times Bolder?

That question is my theme for 2010.

Fear gets in the way of so many things, doesn’t it?  We’re afraid of failure.  Afraid that someone might get angry with us, or that we’ll disappoint them.  We worry about hurting a friend’s feelings so we don’t speak the truth.  We’re afraid of not being liked.

On the business side, we’re afraid that we aren’t good enough so we don’t ask for the promotion.  We fear rejection so we don’t ask for the sale.  We don’t think we’re capable so we settle for just getting by.

Well, I’m kind of done with all that.

I’ve been thinking about my purpose, my vision, and how I’m living intentionally on a daily basis.  My mental review of the current state quickly reported: God has called me to live abundantly and I’m living like there’s just enough grace, mercy, strength, wisdom, etc., to get me to 10:00 tomorrow morning.

So when my fear starts to keep me from moving forward, from living the vision I have for my life, I’m going to ask…

What would I do if I were ten times bolder?

Today’s answer…I would choose to start living like a child of the King in the vision I have for my life.

What would you do today if you were ten times bolder?

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