Today I Will

I’m guessing we’re all feeling a little “off” these days, right?

On one hand, we want information about what’s going on with everything – the virus, the economy, our jobs, our neighborhoods, etc.

And on the other hand, we just want the news to stop. It’s too much.


Thinking about what’s on my mind and heart to share here feels the same way, knowing we are all moving through this time so differently.

Some of us are very afraid and anxious. There’s a deep seriousness in our souls, with no room for jokes or laughter. The concern and fear are overwhelming.

Some of us need a break from the seriousness. Instead of thinking about isolation and “what’s to come,” we wonder why candy makers created bite-sized candy bars. Anyone who likes a Twix is probably not going to eat just one mini-fun-sized Twix bar, so why not just eat the regular sized candy bar?

Neither perspective is right or wrong. Neither is bad or good.

And again, sigh.

Here’s a thought that is helping me move through the day with reality checks and hope …

Today I will.”

Instead of focusing so much on what might happen tomorrow and what I wish I would have done yesterday, I’m keeping my focus simple.

Today I will trust God’s faithfulness.
Today I will keep my commitments.
Today I will love Steve and my family well.
Today I will be productive in what matters most.
Today I will serve my friends and neighbors.
Today I will look for and find the joy.

One of my favorite authors and podcasters, Annie F. Downs, said this at the 2019 Set Apart conference: “Celebrate what you have while you’re waiting for what you want.” I love that.

Psalm 118:24 always helps me reset my focus: “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

And then … Acts 22:10, “What shall I do, Lord?”

I created a postcard that says this:

Praying these words each morning helps prepare my heart and mind for whatever the day holds. It’s an anchor. My stake in the ground that declares how I will choose to live. Today.

(If you’d like one of these notecards to tuck away in your Bible or tape to your mirror, email me with your snail address and I’ll drop one in the mail to you as my gift. Or just save this image and print it off!)

God is present and God is faithful.

I think He wants us to be wise about how we live (differently) these days, and to take this worldly turmoil seriously. And I think He wants us to find the joy in our everyday.

Today I will.

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