The Bouncy Gym

The-Bouncy-GymReally, lady?  You think this is a good idea?

The teenager supervising the trampoline area was probably weighing his options — just call 911 right away or wait it out for the stories he could tell.

We were at SkyZone.  You know. The warehouse with the trampolines that remind us that our bodies aren’t what they used to be. The place where women who have lived 50+ years come to live on the edge and hopefully leave without a stretcher.

I gotta’ tell you.  Trusting a stretch of buncy rubber to lift you into the air and catch you when you return to earth will help you remember memorized scripture verses from years ago really, really quickly.


For the first 30 seconds, I didn’t’ dare let my feet leave the trampoline.  I weaved and bobbed as if I was trying to avoid a knock-out punch. Not a pretty picture. I felt like a tug boat riding the waves in a hurricane.

When I finally let myself go a bit, I was convinced the rubber would tear on my landing and I’d end up on the cement floor.

And all of this was framed within hysterical laughter.

All five of us. Me, my sisters and nieces.

It was a girls’ weekend.  “Living summer” we called it.  Taking a break from to-do lists and heavy responsibilities and too much inside time.

Segway-TravelsWe went kayaking without drowning.  (Getting into this very narrow boat had me convinced I would end up upside down under water kissing the sunfish.)  We segway’d around the lakes and had a picnic lunch. And we stayed up late at my sister’s, eating Special-K bars and watching TV re-runs.

Mom came along for the two-day party. My nephew, Scottie, was her butler, waiter, personal attendant, and chauffeur when she wasn’t with us—making sure she could experience as much of the fun as we were having.

It was The Best Ever.

Why do I put fun at the bottom of every list I write?
It’s way too easy for me to stay in “responsibility” mode. Always too much to do…Scottie-and-Mom
Work, house projects, cleaning, errands, family needs, yard work, and more work.
You know what I’m talking about, right?

Oh, I’m so glad I moved the busy stuff to least important for a few days. Living summer made me feel younger. Less stressed. Grateful.

And nothing – Not. One. Thing. – beats laughing with my sisters.

Take it from the Master of Assuming Responsibility and Following-through…(that’s me)…
There will never be an ideal time to take a break.

So just create the time.  Whether it’s two days, an afternoon, or an hour.
Just take the break.

We were made to work.
We were made to have fun.

I think our Girls’ Weekend made God smile.

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