Please Remember

It’s a month filled with busy stuff. Endings and beginnings. And with those changes, we celebrate the events that make us smile, and sigh with the moments that disappoint.

I’m guessing that more photos are taken during the month of May than any other month of the year. (Well, maybe December sends more images into the iCloud.) Those moments that we want to capture can be filled with so many emotions, can’t they? School endings. Mother’s Day. Proms and dances. Programs that go on hiatus. Graduations. New plans.

With each event, there are people doing high-fives and happy dances, and others whose hearts are messy, breaking in those same moments.

May I remind us of this…

Whatever you are experiencing and feeling in this merry or not-so-merry month of May…

You are loved.

The God who hung the stars in the sky and named them (I mean, really. That’s a Big God!)…

He loves you Just. As. You. Are.

He loves you through your tears and sadness. Through your confusion. He’s in your “Why?” questions.

And you know, sometimes that’s the only life jacket we can cling to.

When the answers don’t come and we can’t happy dance with the friends around us, we can remember that God loves us. That’s not just a platitude or cutsie phrase. It is a statement that brings Encouragement and Hope and Peace.

Just say it. Say it out loud. God loves me.

Invite God into your messy space and sit with Him there.

You may be reading this and you aren’t sure about God or faith or what you believe.

Welcome! We have all been there.

God will meet you where you are. He loves you unconditionally. His love is not based on how you feel or what you believe. He simply loves you. From the depths of His really huge heart.

Let Him fill your questions with Himself.

And here’s a special note for those finding a little messy in celebrating Mother’s Day.

For those whose dreams of being a mother haven’t yet, or won’t, become a reality.

For those who imagined that being a mother would look very different from what you’re experiencing.

You are loved. God knows your heart.

And…may I encourage you to find moments that you can make great even though your heart is sad.

We don’t want to miss all the good things happening around us because we can’t lift our chins off our chests.

It’s OK to find some happy in the messy.


Girlfriends…You are loved.

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