Our Practical List of Thanks

I didn’t think my list was right.

Mom and I were writing down all the things we were thankful for throughout the day. Opening our eyes to the many good things in our lives.

But when I looked at the list of 45 gratitudes after two days, I felt strangely discouraged.

I was thinking we should have come up with more picturesque words of beauty…
The sparkling snow on the window sill…
The sun peaking through the blinds casting shadows…
Maybe something about a bird on a tree branch…

Our list was so…practical.
Mom’s big chair
The soft tan blanket
Mom’s walker
Comfy socks
The people at Cub pharmacy

And oh, then that moment of getting over myself.

Writing down our thank-you’s wasn’t about creating beautiful phrases that described the hard-to-see. It was about seeing what is in front of us every single day that we miss.

The practical list cannot be taken for granted. {Oh, forgive us!}
Millions of people can’t imagine having even one of those things on their gratitude list.
How fortunate we are for the every-day that only exists in the dreams of some.
Really. How extremely fortunate.

I’ve been thinking about this list of gratitudes for several days now.
More real life experiences like hot water and running water have been added.
And yes, there are pictures of loveliness that showed up…words that describe the beauty and serenity right outside our windows.

There is room on the list for both.

Counting my blessings this week…
The chairs, the beds, the birds, the shadows, the beauty, and the sunshine…
We have so much to be thankful for.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
His love endures forever.
Psalm 107:1

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