No complaining … really?

There are some verses in the Bible that make me scratch my head and murmur, Really? Did you really mean to write that?

I’ve been studying one of those verses the last few days …

“Do everything without complaining or arguing…”  (Philippians 2:14)

There must have been an “… except when …” or “… unless this happens …” that was somehow omitted, right?

Because …
Thanksgiving family get-togethers.
Long shopping lines and tired clerks on the Friday after Thanksgiving.
And the refs calling the football game are clearly wearing blindfolds.


I need to do “no complaining” better. You too?

The trouble is … it’s just so easy to complain and whine and criticize. And usually, it’s because I feel someone has wronged me, or life’s not fair, or I am seriously being inconvenienced.

You get this, right?

But, boy, oh boy.

When I stop and consider how conversations and events and family get-togethers would change, if …we did everything without complaining or arguing …
Everything would change. And the moment would be better. Life would be better.

Because here’s the deal …
Someone will wrong us. Life is not fair. And we will be inconvenienced. Seriously.

And I’m learning that my complaining and arguing doesn’t make it better. It doesn’t change the situation or the other person.

So, I’ve decided …
I want a life that is free of complaining and arguing. And that starts with me. My words.
Starting now.

Oh, friend. How about joining me on keeping the complaining and arguing out of our conversations and interactions this Thanksgiving?

Let’s make this holiday even more enjoyable.
Let’s make our lives better.
It starts with me. And with you.
We can do this.

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