My New Book is Available!

Hello, friend!

This is such an exciting day …

Getting My Ducks in a Row and Other Stories of Faith” is hot off the press and available to you!

My heart is sending up balloons and confetti and my stomach is doing a lot of flip flops which is stirring up all the butterflies, because, you know, it’s a little scary putting your words out into the world. But I gotta’ tell you … I’m really excited about this book. You will laugh, nod your head as you recognize yourself in some of my life moments, and you will experience a refreshing presence of Jesus.

Here’s what this book is about …

If you’re worried about trying to get your ducks in a row because, first, you aren’t sure if that is possible, and second, you can’t even find your ducks, the words in these pages will make you feel a lot better!

Perhaps you find yourself trying to fix situations instead of giving up control. Or you worry about disappointing people rather than focusing on how to love them. And maybe in your attempts to get all the details in perfect order, you’ve missed some moments.

You are not alone.

You’ll enjoy a blend of Bible teaching, life stories, and humor in these pages. You’ll be invited to consider ways to stop striving, fretting, and fixing. You’ll be reminded about how much God is for you – how much He loves you.
Bottom line?
Don’t worry about getting your ducks in a row. Sometimes a great day is when we can get them all into the same pond.
Life is short. Show yourself some Grace.

You can order your book(s) from my website (and I can sign them for you!):
Books ordered from my website will be mailed out on December 4th.

You can also order it from Amazon:

Getting My Ducks in a Row” will refresh your faith and bring you some joy. It makes a great gift – who do you know that could use a good giggle and encouragement?

Life is good and God is faithful, my friend.
Blessings on your Thanksgiving weekend.

Lots of love and gratitude,


Here’s what a few early readers said about the book:

Gaye has a beautiful, inviting writing style that draws us in with each honest heartfelt sentence. Step into several life stories that invite us to breathe in the journey. God wants to do more with our lives than we can imagine. There will be issues, struggles, ducks not lining up – even swimming in different ponds – but there is joy found in the presence of God’s power. Grab a cup of coffee – experience peace, humor, inspiration. 

Sue Lennartson, life coach, over 30 years in ministry author, speaker, child of God


Gaye Lindfors has a delightful way of telling stories in a way that everyone can relate to. When you read Gaye’s stories, you think to yourself, “something like that happened to me too!” – which draws you in closer to the important messages she is teaching us. Each chapter is an important reminder of God’s love and grace for us. This book is filled with humor, joy, and hope, and is the perfect gift for your friends and family.  

Holly Zelinsky, CEO Nationally Speaking, Inc.


Delightful. Inspiring. Motivating. You’ll love Gaye’s warm, welcoming and witty writing style while relaxing into her call for a deeper closeness with God. Read it cover to cover or one little section per day. Either way, you’ll emerge smiling and better equipped to enjoy your life to the full.

Marnie Swedberg, international speaker & leadership mentor
author of 13 books,

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