Moving forward…Expectantly

What do I want to do next?
Why am I here?
How do I get from Point A to Point B?
How do I find a job I really like?

Oh, we’ve all asked those questions, haven’t we?

Let’s find some answers!

I’ve got three pieces of chocolate (resources) for you on this God, Girlfriends & Chocolate Friday
These are people who can help you move forward…find the work that brings out the best in you…and lay the foundation for living the life God has meant for you to live.

Here’s the scoop – 3 resources:
1. The book that changed my life, written by my friend and mentor, Laurie Beth Jones: The Path: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life. Get clear on your purpose, your natural style of showing up in the world, and the vision you have for your life. Check out her resources at (I’m on her national training team, so I’m happy to answer any questions or get you started!)

2. I am starting new Purpose Partnership coaching sessions for women at the end of October. Whoo hoo!  Based on Laurie Beth Jones’ great material, we will discover together how YOU can live with more purpose, more energy, and more passion. Coaching can be one-on-one or as a group of at least three, committed to working with each other.  Focused work, intentional conversations, and a whole lot of personal attention.  Email me and we can talk!

3. Looking for that new job? I’ve got two friends and colleagues who are exceptional at helping people discover that next career step.

Ann Yelich at A. Yelich & Associates, Inc.  Check out her website at She is very good at sifting through the angst and moving you through your personal transition. You can reach her at

Sabine Brandt at Nobility Coaching & Consulting, Inc.  (  Sabine offers several faith-based coaching and consulting options, focused on helping you implement the success plan God uniquely designed for you. (

(Added bonus: When you work with either Ann or Sabine, you will receive two free copies of my book, Find a Job: The Little Book for Big Success. It’s another way for me to support you.)

That’s all for this Friday!  Can’t wait to hear from you – what piece of chocolate sounds tastiest to you? (Is “tastiest” a word? I guess it is now!)

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