Living and Laughing Out Loud

I love this picture!

It reminds me of giggles, laughter, and unbridled joy!

It’s the life God wants us to live!  How cool is that?

What’s keeping you from living and laughing out loud today?
Hurts?  Disappointments?  Worries?

Yes, there is darkness in our world…sickness and sadness are realities.
And sometimes there are no easy answers.

But God came to give us a life of peace, hope, and joy…in the midst of our tougher days.

John 10:10  “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”
(Note that He doesn’t say this applies during only the “good times.”)

Take a moment today. 
Stop what you’re doing and think about what’s good in your life.
Focus on all that God has given you.
Call a friend and ask for encouragement.  Read a funny story.  Listen to an encouraging CD.  Take a walk and breathe deeply.

Don’t wait for the troubles to go away.
Create space in your heart for joy.

Live life to the full.

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