Let’s Go See What They’re
Talking About!

The “Pickles” cartoon in Sunday’s Star Tribune made me laugh out loud.
The creator, Brian Crane, always brings the joy!

Earl and Pearl are an elderly couple having this conversation:
Pearl: Anything good in the mail?
Earl: Just a Christmas newsletter from the Hansens. Why don’t we ever send out a Christmas newsletter?
Pearl: The only reason to do a Christmas newsletter is to brag about the things you did during the year. What have we done worth bragging about?
Earl: What about those warts you had removed?

It just makes you giggle, right? And it reminds me … we can always find the joy!

None of us will have a Christmas this year as we’ve had in the past.
And all of us can find the joy and hope in the message of Christmas …
Do not be afraid … Jesus is born.”
All throughout history and in his Good Book, God reminds us …
I am with you.”

The note below is one of my favorite essays from years past. It’s become part of my tradition to re-share it each Christmas. Merry Christmas, my friend. You are loved.

 I wonder how it felt to be a shepherd that holy night thousands of years ago. The night an angel appeared to them as they leaned on their walking sticks, checking their sling shots, while standing in sheep doo-doo.
We have to believe that when “the glory of the Lord shone around them,” things got pretty bright, right? Can’t you just see them squinting, shading their eyes, while trying to figure out what they were protecting their sheep from? Shaking like crazy in their sandals!

And then the angel’s voice…
Do not be afraid.
I love that.
Right off the bat, the angel was telling them there was nothing to fear.

Because … I mean, really. An angel talking to them from the starry sky surrounded by a bright light?
Well, that would create a whole new level of fear in my book!
But those shepherds hung in there to hear what else that angel had to say.

I bring you good news of great joy! (Can you imagine their relief – something good was happening!)
A Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. (I’d bet my last krumkake that this news would have blown up the internet.)

After the angel appeared to the shepherds and told them about Jesus’ birth in a manger, “a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God…”
Can you imagine what those shepherds were experiencing?! Oh, my word. I wonder what song the heavenly host sang. I would have selected something from Michael W. Smith. Or Sandy Patti. Or David Phelps.  Can’t even imagine how beautiful that music must have been.

And then …
I love the shepherds’ response …
Let’s go and see what those angels are talking about!

Their fear was replaced with curiosity and delight and excitement. Jesus was born!
That is just so cool. Can’t you just see those shepherds all talking at once about what was happening? Trying to keep their voices down so they wouldn’t upset their sheep. Wondering what to do about what they just heard. And then trying to figure out who could watch their herds while they check it all out.

It wasn’t enough to just hear the news – they wanted to find out more.

I want the wonder that the shepherds had.
The anticipation. The celebration. The worship.
Christmas invites us to know His story. It invites us to know his LOVE. The HOPE he brings. The PEACE he gives.

His story invites us to wonder … reflect … believe.
The invitation to know Jesus is addressed to you.
The invitation to know His Love … Hope … Peace … is addressed to you.

 Let’s say YES to the invitation …
Let’s go and see what those angels are talking about!

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