Let Something Go

Along with replacing the tank tops in our closet with sweatshirts and flannels, the Fall season invites us to cleanse, purge, start again, and “finish the year strong!”

(I’m a little over the whole “finish the year strong” thing. I’m just focusing on finishing today strong. Because my “strong” needs a nap.)

A change of season does seem to signal a time to reflect and consider what the next few months could look like though. A time to start again. And that can be healthy.

But it’s easy to mess this up.
We believe that starting again means we have to add something to our lives. New (good!) things to do and spend time on. But usually, you and I don’t have time to do more, right? We need to remove something to either give ourselves more time and space or to replace the “good” with “better.”

My cooking skills are … well, they really aren’t skills. They are pre-school learnings at best. But this I know …
I’m making a chicken dish with broccoli. But as I start preparing the chicken in the skillet with the onion and garlic, I realize something doesn’t smell right. I check out the package the chicken was in. The expiration date was two weeks ago. Yea, not good. It would be silly and stupid to just add more garlic and onions to try and make the smell go away before I toss in the broccoli, right? I can’t keep the bad stuff, start again, and expect the dish to be great.

The reason we want to start again is because our heart is looking for a more peaceful life. And to move closer to that, we have to first let go of what’s not working. My friend, Londa, reminded me today, “None of us can do more. But we can do less, better.”

What’s making your life hard? What activities need to get thrown out with the bad chicken? What’s wearing you out? What’s just not fun anymore? What are you doing that you know – in the quietest place of your heart – isn’t working for you?

Let go of it.

Let go of the people-pleasing. The over-committing. The social media scrolling. The perfection trap. The unhealthy, draining relationship. The pity party.

Math has always been one of my least favorite subjects in school.  But I do know this …
When you subtract a number from another number, you get the “difference.” You subtract two from five, and the difference is three. You let something go to get the difference.

You want something different? Let something go.
Then take a deep breath. And start again.

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